Taxi driver crisis as Army PR stunt puts them out of work?

The Scotsman

The health board manager’s crisis is clear. If they don’t call in the Army now, they’ll be blamed for any and all delays and for not having called in the Army to help. It’s what you do now.

The facts don’t matter. They never do with our media and they often don’t in our institutions too.

In total, were looking at less than 200 soldiers across the whole of Scotland. That’s a boost of only 0.12% to rescue the NHS? It’s a PR stunt launched by the Tories.

None of the drivers can do emergencies. That’s right, none. They can take old folk home from hospital, if they can find the way in a strange area. Taxi drivers normally do that, paid for by the health board. Cheap?

Only a handful are nurses. Three for North Lanarkshire. Three! There are 55 000 nurses in Scotland.

Quite a few are ‘medics.’ No thanks pal.

There is no crisis in NHS Scotland. There may be local pressure points but staffing is far higher than in England, absences have been falling for weeks, admissions are less than half that in the peak, the infection level in Scotland is just two-thirds of that in England and half that in Wales.

Again, this is a Tory PR stunt that managers cannot resist for fear of being burned.

6 thoughts on “Taxi driver crisis as Army PR stunt puts them out of work?

  1. Formation in the slow lane of a new Reich
    Belive me there leaden feet are desperate
    To thump the accelerator pedal
    And if for one moment they thought they could actually get away with it,then a huge grin would appear upon their faces
    Currently they just doing practice laps and testing
    All so they can take pole position upon the grid
    Let the mad dash begin is their perverted

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  2. There should not be any crisis in the NHS except the Tories cut funding from 2015 to 2020. Cut Welfare £16Billion. Cut Education £6Billion a year (ConDems), Cut NHS £20Billion ‘efficiency savings’, instead of increasing the Budget. In light of a warned pandemic was coming. The Brexit scandal. Lies and fabrication. concentration on Brexit instead of a pandemic.Both killing people prematurely. The head of the army now putting out in to ruin the NHS. Increased military sending. They would rather spend money killing people than saving them. Costing £Trns.

    At least the military are doing something useful. Instead of illegal government campaigns killing and maiming millions of people. The personnel ending up with PTSD and homeless. With little support. Committing suicide. Even through the land rovers are clapped out vehicles. A Westminster embarrassment. Trident unecessary waste. The funding could be better spent on NHS, rehabilitation and education. Instead of rotting contaminated hulks at Rosyth they do not know what to do with.

    The military land estate. £Billions being spent maintaining it. Empty unused land and buildings that could be utilised or sold off. A Westminster committee recently condemned the waste. Another wasteful exercise. Will it make any difference to the authorities. Getting away with it. Laws being illegally changed to try to flaunt the Courts and Democracy.

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    1. Gordon
      All you speak off can be accurately described by 3 words
      Tin Pot Dictatorship
      And to back that up
      1.UK Bankrupt Old Mother Hubbard springs to mind
      2.FPT system has a minority in control
      3.Government lies in very serious matters
      4.Diito for ignoring court orders
      5.State Broadcaster a Propaganda Machine
      6.Laws currently being passed to limit power of courts
      7. Contracts worth £ Billions issued with no tendering nor accountability
      8.Electoral boundary changes to favour incumbents
      9.Proposed photo ID to enable cast of a vote,deliberately so to decrease votes of
      Any futile opposition
      10.Withdrawal from International courts
      and reneging of treaties
      Ask any if above true and if so then any nation succeeds in sticking the appropriate label upon it

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  3. It was SG who requested Army assistance, so would it be reasonable to conclude these Health Board requests are actually drawing down on that deployment as planned ?

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  4. Tories cannot resist a man in uniform:—

    “We have docs by the score,
    and medics galore.
    But for Hi Jack’s malarkey.
    He needs men in their khaki,
    With his ratings so poor.
    He is feart…
    he’ll be shown the door”!

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