‘Everything worthwhile was funded by the Scottish Government’

Kezia Dugdale vows to carpet Labour councillors in Aberdeen over Tory  coalition deal - Daily Record

Prompted by Aberdeen’s call on the Army today, Anonymous reminds of the LabTory pact.

By Anonymous

Labour who illegally keep the Tories in power. Refused a gift of £80Million to renovate and pedestrianise the City Centre. The appalling mess is a vision to behold. A mud tip. Spending £200million to build empty shops abs offices instead.

Spending £300Million on a Conference Centre in the middle of nowhere with not enough car park spaces. (£10 charge), 6 meters and poor transport links.

A LibDem became an Independent on being ejected to keep the illegal Alliance in power. The SNP win the most candidates but are kept out by these hypocrites. They illegally sold the City on the stock market getting into £Billion of debt. A two job Tory kept’s them in, along with a convicted offender.

The Beach promenade has been shut off for months. Leading to traffic chaos. The social care Head does not believe in proper total abstinence rehab. So people are put on methadone for years. They take other substances and die.

The City is in an absolute state of mess everywhere. Compared to the improvements Dundee etc, there is no comparison. The Council gave out licences donations to the Tories. Tory funders bar owners breaking covid rules and regulation. The City had to be shut down for another month. The virus spread like wildfire and more people died.

The incompetence of the council and self remuneration is a disgrace. The bus service was funded £Millions of public monies. Making excess profits. One of the wealthiest companies in the world. Subsidies with public money which could have been better spent.

Everything worthwhile was funded by the Scottish Gov. The AWPR after 40 years. The unionists blocked it for years. The wind turbines in the Bay. The new harbour being built funded by the Scottish Gov. All major productive projects helping the local economy. Ruined by Austerity and Brexit by the unionists and the Westminster Gov. An absolute disgrace. The fishing and farming industry ruined. An increase in Oil and Gas prices. Scotland is in surplus and nearer the source but pays more.

A few clapped out old land rovers are not fooling anyone. The Healthcare facilities are excellent despite Tory cuts and total mismanagement. The ambulances are going at full speed to cope. Three passing yesterday. More people passing away because of Tory cuts. Cuts to major services. Tory Brexit lies are fooling no one. They will pay at the Ballot Box for their corrupt total mismanagement and misappropriation of public funds. Risking people’s lives.

5 thoughts on “‘Everything worthwhile was funded by the Scottish Government’

  1. Thanks.
    It would be good to have more reports like this about Tory/Labour councils, who are in cahoots to keep the SNP out and also to undermine the Scottish governments’ investments in their area, knowing it affects the people who live there in totally unecessary and detrimental ways. It’s akin to the mafia really, spending money on vanity projects, while keeping control of the reins against the interests of the voters, it’s absolutely disgraceful. these people should be locked up for mismanaging council funds and actively working against the best interests of those they should be representing and working for.

    For Aberdeen,’ oil capital of Europe’, to be in such a mess due to uninvestment on the Britanats’ watch and now being wrecked by them, deliberately, is absolutely disgusting. I hope those wrecking Scotland’s regions for political reasons, and out of spite, get their commuppance one day I really do, as I say they should be in front of court for deliberatly working against the people of Aberdeen, while taking a not too small wage for themselves from the public purse, and god knows what else they might be pocketing.

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  2. Just google it.

    Carlton Rock, Willy Young, Land deals. council conduct inquires. The Deputy of the Council. Elected by 600 votes to Stop the Road. The AWPR the best thing that has happened in the North East for forty years. The Council ad Deputy responsible for most of the carnage. Went in with them to help keep the corrupt administration in power. More remuneration for them over £50,000. More useless incompetents.

    The City could have had a beautiful renovated City Centre to be proud of. Open spaces for £20Million. Instead of a concrete empty jungle and a disgusting mud pit. It is just an utter disgrace how they get away with it. People were protesting in the street to be ignored. The vote was taken in an afternoon to destroy the City. Or what could have been. Ruined forever. The people vote for UTG project in an inclusive vote. Not forgetting the useless Greens part in it. Lies and fabrication.

    The Muse Project an empty concrete jungles £7Million a year for 30 years. £200Million. That could have been better spent in education and housing. They knocked down one high rise monstrosity to build another one. Only worse. They build a tier on an Art Gallery and destroy the marble entrance. £30Million Makes not a drop of difference. Just another empty space, it was closed down for 5 years before covid. Giving Tory donor bar owners licences. They broke Covid rules and regulation. The Virus spread like wildfire. Killing more people. The City had to close for another month. Another month of lockdown. They make people sick,

    Crockett minority party elected swanning about as Lord Lieutenant with Royalty the climate invaders. Channelling Robert Bruce. They pilfered the Bruce sovereignty legacy fund. They raided it when they could not balance the books. Robert Bruce fought and supported Independence. Laing on a video in a leisure centre trying to claim credit. It was built with Scottish Gov funding. Like all the
    projects in the area. Thanks to Alex Salmond. The best Statesman Scotland has ever had. Look what they did to him. An absolute disgrace. Murray in jail. An insult to justice. The Police and the justice system at fault. An insult to the community.

    Young tried to cut additional needs education funds. He claimed it was a medical issue and should have been funded by the SNHS. How ignorant and stupid is that. Beyond belief. More recently been called out for making racist comments on the internet. A bigoted, racist misogynist. Like the rest of them on the take. In the masons? Not forgetting Mr Lumsden part in all this. Getting the City into massive unnecessary debt. Now in the Scottish Parliament. Promoted above their capabilities. If anyone complains they threaten them with the Police.

    A shire councillor £Billionaire. Owns half of the land in the area. Awarded £Million council contracts. Overcharged and claimed for a higher rate. Claimed it was a mistake. A fixed price contract. Quite obvious. They tried to keep it quiet. Was the overpayment ever repaid. Now in the Scottish parliament illegally trying to fiddle there. They have been caught out and called out several times.

    The unionists shire councillors are local landowners. In their own interests not the constituents. Roads moved at great expense for their benefit. Inquiries set up costing £Millions. To try to stop much needed development. Increasing the costs. The Greens masquerading as LibDems to stop well supported development.

    Creating and costing £Millions in delays and ruining the economy for years. ie the AWP, the airport expansion, the golf development. Anywhere but Heathrow congestion. Hanging around for hours and putting days and expense on travel journeys. Instead of more economical and comfortable direct flights and journeys. Taking away the stress and anxiety of anxious waits and delays. Or overnight stays. If not needed. Enough to stop people travelling. Cutting Rail journey times in the North and Scotland would help better travel and the economy. More conductivity.

    The Tories want to ruin the Holyrood Parliament. So what are they doing there. Lining their pockets on Gov monies. Wasting it in every way possible. Third rate losers on the take. The imposed D’Hond’t without a mandate. To try and keep useless unionists in power and destroy the economy and the world, The conceited arrogance and ignorance. They will be voted out. They have no chance.

    There are more good people, than bad, to protect the society. The unionists will be called out in every way possible. They are trying to destroy the world. Lie after lie, after lie. The mess of Aberdeen. They have destroyed the City. To what might have been and what the citizens wanted. Totally ignored in every way possible. Totally ignorant, arrogant costly decisions.

    Not fit for public office. The Representation of the people Act being broken time after time., The same at Westminster. Not up to the job. Of low calibrate. Unionists colluding with each other. No opposition. For what they can get in tax evaded remuneration. Blair, Brown, Clegg, Cameron, May, Johnston etc. They then try and hide it under the Official Secrets Act. Taking way people’s rights at every opportunity. Illegal and corrupt. Putting the burden on the poorer.. The UK one of the most unequal place in the world. Non cohesive and unhappy. Westminster unionist poor, bad decisions.


  3. Was in Stavanger / Tananger at the weekend. The investment in infrastructure over the past ten years has been fantstic. Oil business is booming. Whereas, Aberdeen is being starved of investment, ports South of the border are busy.
    What happened? Go figure.

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  4. The UTGP was based on a city renovation project in Stavanger.

    The ACC unionists rejected it. The citizens supported it. It would have cost £20Million + the £80million gift. Instead they introduced and voted for the £200million Muse mess. £7Million payback for 30 years. An empty concrete jungl, wind tunnel. Instead of green pedestrianised open spaces. The City ruined and £Millions wasted.

    It is better to go to Dundee. A magnificent renovation and open spaces. The V&A gave a Disco exhibition on at present. Really interesting. Great views of the landscape over the river. Busy with visitors.


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