Scottish Labour demand the already promised

From David Bols after contact from a Scottish Labour researcher:

SCOTTISH Labour has demanded that Holyrood launches its own detailed inquiry into the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic after a damning report from MPs criticised the UK Government’s slow response at the start of the crisis.

I know they have few members and can’t raise funds but they do get government funding for staffing, including researchers who, hopefully can stop them looking daft but, on the 24th August 2021:

Scotland is to hold its own public inquiry into the handling of the Covid pandemic by the end of the year, the Scottish government has confirmed.

We’re in mid-October so is end of the year not a reasonable offer for something as big as a public inquiry?

Can Sarwar’s researcher not use a computer?

Scottish Labour researcher? Like military intelligence?

4 thoughts on “Scottish Labour demand the already promised

  1. Labour Party are spending £2Million suing members. Members suing members. What a shambles. Scottish Labour raised £500 in donations. Says it all. Labour bankrupt.

    Seamus Milne, Katie Murphy, McCluskey tried to shoe in candidate. Claims a review report was leaked. Starmer writes for the Sun. Liverpool Labour not amused. Another own goal.

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  2. Scorrish Labour:—

    Joke McCoalbunker–hahahaha!
    Gordo Von Broon—-hahahaha!
    Spud Murphy—hahahaha!
    Johann Lamentable—hahahaha!
    Wee Wendy and her daft brother—-hahahaha!
    Union Jock Murray—hahahaha!

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  3. F*ck me ! This is beyond the ridiculous !

    Setting up a Scottish Covid Enquiry before the end of the year is not enough for the rabid Scottish opposition attack dogs .

    They are out in force – Baillie , Gulhane , Coal-Skuttle all moaning that the FM hasn’t been tarred and feathered BEFORE a trial – sorry , an Enquiry !
    She should have had one set up before breakfast this morning and we could have proceeded with her execution before tea-time !

    FFS Ian Murray is STILL going on about the Nike conference and dragging his unionist ar*e through the media complaining that ( despite no negative impact from this outbreak ) the FM should be sent to Devil’s Island for NOT telling the Scottish people that there was NOTHING to worry about !

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