Covid cases in England surge to almost TWICE that in Scotland!

From the UK Government today, with 10 times the population. England has 17 times the number of cases as Scotland. Wales has more cases with just over half the population.

BBC Scotland are concentrating on the A&E figures without mentioning how much better they are than elsewhere in the UK.

3 thoughts on “Covid cases in England surge to almost TWICE that in Scotland!

  1. They are not going to give up, the BBC agenda is clear. It’s just ridiculous that the country next door retains broadcasting powers and telecommunications powers. Which other country would stand for that, only seriously oppressed ones. Good to watch Broadcasting Scotland at 7 earlier with yourself as guest along with Dr Philippa Whiteford, good on you Prof. Scotland has to do their real media by other means, thank goodness for the internet!

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  2. Reminds me of the situation in Albania.

    Government control of broadcasting, arrested for listening to a foreign radio station. Being told either everything’s perfect or nobody else is doing any better.

    Of course, it was their government at the time. Whereas, in Scotland…


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