..with my mum?

In a bizarre, toe-curling interview, the BBC reporter pranced and grimaced like a court jester before his highness and we got to hear that his favourite vehicle, an Aston Martin he has owned for 51 years, runs on what he described as “surplus English white wine and whey from the cheese process.”

The heir apparently then revealed his empathy for those impatient for action but was not asked about his mum’s climate bill exemption:

What a great question that might have been!

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6 thoughts on “..with my mum?

  1. Angry at the biggest tax evading, consumers on the planet. Lecturing others and sitting on a tax evaded fortune. Total hypocrites. Illegal interference kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Killing others. Other people’s mothers.

    WW1 the ‘divine right to rule’. European royal conflict. Victoria’s children and grandchildren. German. Mother and husband German. Fighting with the Germans. One reason for WW2. Cousins marrying cousins. Inbred. How many mansions do some people need. The eye of the needle. The Head of the church. Keeping up the corruption. Donations for honours and favours. Illegally and greedily misusing and wasting public funds. Migrants British/Greek/German.

    Johnston over populating the planet. Greedily taking up resources. No responsibility, will power or contraception. Other people’s children getting killed. Cutting £20 a week from the poorer households. Cutting child allowance for over two children. Off on another freebie. Parasite. Migrant US/Turk.

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  3. What else would be expected from a London boy ? – “Justin Rowlatt (born June 1966) is a British journalist, news reporter and television presenter. In February 2015 he became the BBC’s South Asia Correspondent, based in Delhi. In June 2019 he became the BBC’s Chief Environment correspondent”.
    Probably had to use GPS to find Balmoral unless he was flown in in one of Charlie’s many budgies…

    It’s all part of the pre-COP26 propaganda assault, show the establishment as having green credentials, and the Royals are always a sure fire winner for green eh ?
    “In the interview at his home in Balmoral, Prince Charles said…” – Whit ? “He has installed solar panels at Clarence House, his London residence, and on the farm buildings of his Gloucestershire home, Highgrove”, yet home is where the propaganda is, what ?

    And as for mumsie’s 21st prezzie of an AM when most were scraping the bus-fare is insult enough, but 15mpg before it could use part ethanol is frankly extracting urine on an industrial scale…

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    1. They have an elixir for very long cosy lives…it’s called not having to ever lift a finger unless waving to the plebs, or pointing at a ‘carbuncle’. Having top notch healthcare from birth to death, the slightest pang and in comes expert Doc, never a worry about anything at all, no stress, top notch food always at every meal made for them and served by plebs, it’s like some weird backward fairytale idiology but christ it’s for real in UKok!

      So the so called royals are being put on an even higher pedestal re COP26, the narrative being that Scotland loves them all and bows down to them for their generosity in taking Scotland’s land and with their crown estate, claiming a large chunk of Scottish territorial waters. Oh the ‘eyes of the world are going to be on Scotland’ alright, and it’s going to be a mix of rosey in the freakin gardens royals, bastions of valour, truth, and integrity, the biggest environmentalists to walk the Earth, whose real ‘home’ is in the North British part of Great Britain where they are saving the plebs from using too much of the worlds’ resources because they take far too much anyway, oh wait where’s my private jet, personal train and oh which heyse should we stay at darling? Are they inviting some dodgy world leaders to stay in their stolen Scottish castles? I bet they are!
      Rule Britannia da dah da dah da dah!!! Put them in a tenement council house and take back your land Scotland!

      Oh god can we all just ignore COP26 and pretend it isn’t real?


  4. Really ! It’s sycophantic sh*te like this that curdles the blood and curls the toes of any normal person .
    Remind me – we are in the 21st C , aren’t we ?


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