The ‘economic vandalism’ of Brexit

From SNP Media today:

Details published by HM Revenue and Customs show that, from the period ending June 2021, Scottish exports had decreased by 14% in comparison to the previous year – the highest in the UK.
England, Wales and Northern Ireland also saw a decline in exports – decreasing by 2.2%, 13% and 6.1% respectively. The overall value of UK trade in goods exports also decreased by 3.5% during the same time period.
Scotland’s imports have also fell by 3.9% in comparison to June 2020 – with England’s decreasing by 2.3%, Wales’ by 10%, however Northern Ireland’s rose by 3.8%. 
Commenting, the SNP’s Shadow International Trade Secretary Drew Hendry MP said:
“These are devastating figures which clearly show that the warnings about Brexit and the impact it would have on trade were justified – warnings that Boris Johnson and his band of Brexiteers continue to ignore at the expense of people and businesses across all sectors and all parts of Scotland.
“The SNP repeatedly warned the Tory government at Westminster that ploughing ahead with their reckless Brexit deal, in the middle of a pandemic, would have devastating consequences. We are now seeing them in black and white with these figures.
“Boris Johnson must now answer for the catastrophic economic vandalism that he has implemented on Scotland’s trade. 
“Beyond the Tory bluff, bluster, and outright denial, Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster for Scotland – and we are paying the price for it against our will.  
“There is an alternative to continuing down the long dark road set out by the Tories. The only way to keep Scotland safe from the long-term damage of Tory Brexit is to become an independent nation, with the full powers needed to secure a strong, equal, and fair recovery – and to regain the economic and trading benefits of EU membership.”

7 thoughts on “The ‘economic vandalism’ of Brexit

  1. “Thatcher Logic”:-
    Destroy Scotland’s economy while hundreds of billions in oil revenue pour into the Treasury. Make them poor and dependent.

    “Mundell Logic”:-
    There is no border.

    “Hi Jack Logic”:-
    There is no Scotland.

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    1. Indeed, they deny Scotland is even a ‘nation’, and that is scary, because it’s a continuation of an attempt to deny the people an identity, a culture and of course even languages. The Brit state will have some very dirty tricks planned, I hope the ScotGov, the SNP and Greens, are ready for them.

      When I see comments from rabid (English mainly) BritNats on twitter, whenever Nicola Sturgeon tweets, the hatred and bullying and what appears to be a psychotic type of jealousy or something, is quite staggering and actually really worrying. These peoples’ sense of superiority over others, means they can be easily deployed to cause havoc. COP26 scares me now.

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  2. Drew Hendry : blah blah blah. Nearly every SNP Politician: blah blah blah independence oneday, someday.
    Always with the meaningless rhetoric. Tiresome.


  3. It’s all very well having SNP MPs and MSPs highlighting the negative effects of Brexit and Tory governments on Scotland, but their comments, however impassioned they are, have next to no impact in any meaningful sense. It’s time for drastic action from our Westminster parliamentarians.
    There’s no point in having all of the SNP MPs at Westminster all the time; a couple can achieve the same thing. The majority should be in their constituencies organising campaigns and developing the manifesto for the vote. This is particularly the case when the tories and their red Tory enablers are stating their intention to transform the nature of the so called ‘perfect union’ to ensure there is no legal route to a referendum. Our only viable route to independence increasingly looks like being using an election as our route.

    If this is how it’s going to have to be, we need our politicians to be fully focussed.


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