Scotland’s vaccination rate soars to TWICE that of England!

BBC Scotland has no Covid news today and BBC UK has only the above good news.

Could BBC Scotland have had this?

So, in the last week, Scotland vaccinated around twice as many pro rata as the rest of Rumpuk.


Imagine, England was vaccinating twice as many as Scotland, we’d be lagging behind all over BBC Scotland.

4 thoughts on “Scotland’s vaccination rate soars to TWICE that of England!

  1. According to Alister Jack ( the Tories man in Scotlandshire ) we are NOT a separate entity , so this stat is just a REGIONAL variation .
    We are the most successful part of Englandshire for vaccinations .

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  2. Spare a wee thoucht for Boris and spouse,
    Exiled tae Spain in some Oligarch house.
    Exhausted after ge’in’ his conference speech.
    The last thing he wants are his weans on a beach.
    As his Chancellor is plotting a knife in the back,
    whilst leaking “the dirt” tae some “yellow page” hack.
    Its no much fun bein’ “King of the World”,
    If ye canny tell lies: tae the truth ye are thirld,
    See yer bullsh!t unfurled, and yer heid gets aw burled.
    Hear Carrie’s sighs, while you’re erse-deep in lies.
    Now! Now’s the time— for quitting,
    Now! While your Cabinets shitting,
    Bile they are spitting,
    Fear they’re emitting,

    It seems to be fitting,
    A wee mid-night flitting.
    Just get AWAY!

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    1. +++++Breaking News+++++

      Prime Minister Boris Johnsons clothes have been found on a Costa Del Sol beach.
      There is no sign of Mr Johnson …..or a body.

      Next to his clothes was a biography of John Stonehouse.

      +++++Breaking News++++++++++


      1. The Nato exercise in Spanish waters planned for May 2024 was suddenly announced as having been brought forward over the weekend…
        Nato has been inundated by offers within and beyond the EU to drop specialised munitions, and the Spanish Navy and Coastguard coincedentally recalled all vessels for “essential maintenance”…
        The UK’s FO Minister on reacting to the news said “Now which one is Spain ? Do they buy cheese ?”


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