Herald uses UK data to blame Scotland for UK ‘surge’ in fossil fuel use

Herald on Sunday

Gordon Bennet! That’s a corker of a front page. Will it work? Will it attract or repel Sunday-readers?

Natural disaster? What, really? Have the wind turbines killed all our birdlife? Are they causing a surge in ear cancer? Are they attracting UFOs? Is the headline a bit National Enquirer?

Seriously though, this is another disgraceful piece of misrepresentation by the Herald.

Leaving aside the irrelevant references to job creation, the headline above and the sub are based on UK data from the UK Department for Business Energy, for April to June 2021, indicating a fall of 9.6% across the UK for renewable energy generation with no data for Scotland and using that to associate Scotland with a UK surge in fossil fuel power generation.

Remember, for the Herald won’t remind you:

Scotland has risen up the rankings of European countries that produce electricity from renewables – with the latest available figures placing Scotland in the top three.

Scottish Government figures for 2020 show 97% of electricity in Scotland is gleaned from renewable sources. According to European figures, in 2019, only Norway and Iceland produced more electricity from renewables than Scotland.

Other nations behind Scotland in the table include Sweden, Denmark and Germany. It also puts Scotland way ahead of the UK as a whole, as it produces just 35% of electricity from renewables.


Or this:

15.6 GWh of electricity was transferred from Scotland to England in 2019 and is likely to increase to around 18GWh in 2020.

1GWh is enough to power around 725 000 homes. 18GWh will power 13 million homes. There are around 2.5 million households in Scotland and 28 million in England.


And as for coping with less wind:

From Recharge in April 2021, on a deal, to wire together wind, solar and battery facilities to generate industrial-scale volumes of H² (hydrogen):

The Whitelee-connected project, which will produce some 8 tonnes of H2 per day, will also be to Green Hydrogen for Glasgow, a scheme to deliver carbon-free transport for the Scottish city, as well as meeting growing industrial hydrogen demand in the region.


This is, of course, only the latest in a stream of developments which is turning Scotland into a renewables powerhouse which will supply green energy to its neighbours:

Herald on Sunday

15 thoughts on “Herald uses UK data to blame Scotland for UK ‘surge’ in fossil fuel use

    1. Robert
      All the mood music from those that matter coming out of Westminster and their usual buddies in the media when softening you up for a major policy change
      What is that then
      It is
      Micro nuclear power stations and loads of them
      Rolls Royce have the capabilities to supply the reactors
      I fully expect the Tories will grab at this clutching straw as they sink further and further
      But i honestly believe that if many mini
      Nuclear stations built then you bet your bottom $ they force a good few upon us in Scotland
      Watch this space
      It will suit their agenda 2 ways
      1 of which they show Scotland who the Real Boss is
      If they do then we must show them where the door is

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  1. The headline and story is not about Scotland as in the eye of Westminister Scotland does not exist. This story just reinforces that belief that Scotland by all UK accountability is not part of the equation.

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    1. Don’t know but they really are rubbing the noses of the poor and vulnerable in the doo doo. The workers on low wages set to see huge hikes in energy bills (5% VAT on energy bills to boot! Though Thatcher had it at 17.5%!) and a hike in their NI bills, while their NHS is taken down bit by bloody bit, removing £20 a week from the poorest, removing peoples’ right to protest or even say ‘white privilege’, they are laughing their heads off at the people! The people of England would vote them in again, it’s absolutely terrifying!
      Scotland get the hell away and do it asap!

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  2. I wondered when they would start to make up stories about Scotland’s use of fossil fuels given we have, unfortunately, COP26 being held in Glasgow soon, hosted by the country next door, and with their London contingent/company being paid £millions for ‘security’?
    This sort of rubbish will be ramped up in the next couple of weeks, and the message to the world which Scotland cannot challenge as a vassal state (I mean region of England), is that Scotland has and is extracting masses of dirty polluting oil and gas, and has a planet wrecker Earth destroying government (of their region of England) who need taking down.
    Though I wonder if Scotland might be called a ‘nation’ agian just for COP26, because to deny that, doesn’t fit with the British Nationalists’ narrative that Scotland is now the worst polluter on the planet and that’s why COP26 is being held there, to tell them to stop! Drum roll. massive protests, framed as being about how Scotland is as bad if not worse than other ‘nations’ for killing the planet, then post COP26, Scotland goes back to being a stupid tiny poor subsidised region of Englandshire!

    Scotland you are really being taken the rip out of big time, scammed and taken for fools…by the British Nationalists in London and their pathetic lackeys in Scotland, it would be funny if it wasn’t so damn terrifying.

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  3. As Hetty rightly called it above, it’s a COP26 preparation, not for the delegates but UK audiences.
    The choice of the Herod to launch this rubbish is curious in that Scots are undoubtedly more aware of energy production than the majority of the UK, particularly among the young. Are they road testing this a la focus groups ?

    Fossil fuel burning is inevitable for a scattered population such as in Scotland, but miniscule compared to England.

    London is expecting a bloody nose from a velvet glove at COP26, and right now they’re preparing the “pooling and sharing of guilt”, hence the “EXCLUSIVE – Natural Disaster” in the style of the Scum’s Chris Musson.

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  4. The Chinese, the Russians and the French cutting off the fuel. Westminster has fallen out with the lot of them. Not very smart. Oh to be in the EU. Cooperation. Norway still supply gas. Wait till Westminster falls out with them. US fracked gas comes into Grangemouth. Johnston has fallen out with Biden over NI protocol.

    Chinese financed grid plant at Minely, Wiltshire. One of the largest. July 2021.
    Grid connections with Belgium, Netherland, France and Norway. Russia supplying gas to the EU. Germany Baltic Sea underwater connection.

    Thatcher sold off utilities to fund the banks making a quick killing. The banks fund the Tory Party. Along with a load of foreign crooks and Non Doms, illegally.

    The Tory graft and corruption. Fuel and energy prices will have risen 50% before they are finished. Scotland in surplus and nearer the source pays too much. Westminster total mismanagement.

    Herald corruption. Trying to cover up the mess. Clickbait for the unionist trolls. Groundhog Day at the Herald. No one else bothers with it.


  5. Does Scotland’s 97% production of green energy boost the UK’s figure to 35% production or is the 35% the figure without Scotland’s input included?


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