Should that be ‘Scots warned to claim independence over energy supply crisis?’


In one of the sharpest examples of bias by omission ‘our’ MSM will not be pointing out the obvious, hyper-charged elephant in the newsroom.

Scotland produces far more electricity and gas than it consumes, yet we will all share in the above crisis.

With 8% of the population, Scotland produces 28% of the UK’s gas consumption. The rest comes mainly from Norway and Russia.

And on electricity, none mention that Scotland produces 97% of its electricity from renewables, compared to only 35% in the UK or that 25% of the UK consumption is transferred from Scotland.“BEIS Energy Trends – Renewables”. UK Government. 26 March 2020. Retrieved 15 April 2020.


6 thoughts on “Should that be ‘Scots warned to claim independence over energy supply crisis?’

  1. But we are ‘pooling and sharing’ our energy, as the Bodger never fails to tell us. Scottish energy production is ‘pooled’ sent to the South East of England to be ‘shared’ with the rest of the country, but at a higher cost, since the energy has further to travel. This is completely understandable and fair, isn’t it?????

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  2. Johnston want to start a fight with Russia and France. They can just pull the plug.

    Scotland is self sufficient in fuel and energy. All the profits go down south to be wasted. Scotland pays a higher price because of Westminster total wasteful mismanagement.

    Scotland has lost out on CCS projects in Peterhead, Longannet. The Tories reneged. Scotland is covered in coal. CCS mean. Scotland could use it. The North Sea is the best place for CCS because of the wealth of oil and gas innovation and technology. Other EU countries are investing and developing.

    Hinkley Point the most expensive plant ever built. Years over time and monies. Built with Chinese borrowed funding. The last plant built in Finland was years late and over budget. Where will they put the waste. More waste.


  3. Nat grid ‘UK’ says there will be no power cuts in winter…on their twitter page, but ‘trending’ the Torygraph says the Nat grid says there will be power cuts. Expect power cuts especially in Scotland, get the candles in though no idea how we’ll keep warm, well candles give off some heat I suppose!

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