Scotsman accused of manipulating readers with tosh

The Scotsman

Among my several deficits is the law. Luckily, others are less challenged and have firmly put this playground game back in its box:

First, the current Tory hypocrisy:


Second, what this really means for Scotland:

The Scotsman

8 thoughts on “Scotsman accused of manipulating readers with tosh

  1. It has always been known that on both the issues, the Scottish Parliament had voted UNANIMOUSLY in favour. Yet, when the Tories come out with the ‘playing games’ jibe, no ‘journalist, challenges them with how they voted.

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  2. Debatetime Scotland challenged one Tory hypocrite. On how he voted on universal credit cuts. He was slavering speaking nonsense. When he voted for the cuts. Trying to pass the buck on Scottish Gov mitigation. He once was a chemist? Accounting alchemist.

    Stephen Jardine is not the worst.

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    1. I notice that the report on this appears on the BBC Science page. There is a link from the Scotland page, but, I would have thought that the Scotland page might have done a special feature on Mr MacMillan – family, school, university, etc. But, no.

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      1. They say ‘Scots born’. It sounds slightly different to Scottish, as if he was born in Scotland but whisked away at birth so not really properly Scottish? It’s too much for them to acknowledge this Scottish scientist won a Nobel prize, can’t have that!


  3. You could never be entirely sure who was playing games in this saga until now, and Peatworrier’s observation makes it abundantly clear it is London ensuring it retains omnipotence.

    The am-dram wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Opposition is now entirely expected, much as the Scotsman amplifying it, despite not a single one of them seeing a problem when they voted the bills through.

    Andy Wightman was equally disappointed by the SC conclusion, but summarised the solution as a simple stroke of a pen, no drama.

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  4. Blair’s illegal Supreme Court blocked access to ECHR. Now ruined by Brexit. UN Courts can upheld International Law. The right to self determination and self governance. Democratic rights if people vote for Independence.

    Scotland can bypass this ‘Supreme’ Court ruling. Appealing to the UN charter of child rights. Recognised as applying to Scotland. The Westminster Gov is breaking International Law by not upholding recognised child human rights. They can be taken to Court in Britain and often have been. Judgements are made against Westminster. They must adhere to them. They are breaking UN commitments. They are signed up to the Charter.

    Without Scotland and adhering to self determination. They will lose their place at the UN and international influence. Westminster unionists have already aggravated the EU. Telling lies about Brexit etc. Westminster unionists has been found out. They will pay the price at the Ballot box. More people will vote for Independence.

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  5. The only ones playing games are the British nationalists. How dare these BritNats and their compliant media twist this into a. SNP bad story, desperate indeed, and hopefully most will see it for what it is, a clear indication of Scotland being held back by the English government on matters of great importance like children’s rights.


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