Chaos at Herald as they reveal ‘Scotland has best petrol supply’

From the Herald today:

Scotland has the UK’s best petrol supply according to average fuel stock levels which were recorded at the end of the day on Sunday.

New Government figures show filling stations in Britain had an average fuel stock level of 25% on Sunday, down from 33% before the crisis, however Scotland had an above average level of how full filling station storage tanks were.

The average fuel stock in Scotland was ahead of all other regions at 35%, followed closely by North-east England which saw filling station storage tanks at an average of 33%.

Fuel shortages continue across England with the South-east and London hardest hit with average fuel stock levels of 16% and 18% respectively.

The details:


Every now and then, the Herald publishes a story favourable to life in Scotland. I think it reveals that, contrary to BBC Scotland which will not touch this story, the Herald is driven by market forces as much as by any Unionist agenda, at editorial level.

The overwhelmingly Unionist messaging still clearly present is essentially down to the personal agendas of powerful white male writers who have been there a long time and who have strong links to New Labour and now to Starmerism.

Younger writers while no doubt ill-disposed to the independence cause, recognising it as bad for their careers, have a predominantly commercial, corporate mindset.

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8 thoughts on “Chaos at Herald as they reveal ‘Scotland has best petrol supply’

  1. John,I hope you don’t mind but today Kate Hoey said something like this the politics show.

    International Treaties have been changed over time,you can’t say a treaty lasts forever and ever it just doesn’t.

    As she has always been against us having Independence this is just another ex Labour spouting her on agenda.

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  2. Scotland in surplus in fuel and energy pays more for it. Despite being nearer the source.

    Clickbait at the Herald. Readership falling. How low can they go.

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  3. No surprise here
    Our fuel refined in Grangemouth
    Outlying Islands and North of Scotland served by small sea coastal tankers
    Leaving the densely populated Central Belt to be serviced by road tankers within a small radius of refinery
    Unlike the 28 million in London and S.E.England who solely serviced by road tankers with a large supply radius
    Furthermore any who have a basic understanding of Just in Time supply chains
    Know full well matters can only but worsen as time passes by
    Think of a High Tech Formula 1 gear box
    A small piece of one of the many gears breaks off
    Result the more the gear box used the more the resultant damage and that is why the Team Manager will call upon Driver to pit and abandon the race all in order to avoid installing a hideously expensive new gear box and that the race is lost anyway
    Over to you Boris the clown UK team manager
    You have been warned

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  4. Your “contrary to BBC Scotland which will not touch this story” highlights the difference between political and commercial motivations for decisions on what and how to report, but the fact that news can go UNreported is propaganda, what would have a role in time of war has become the norm for UK media.

    Having watched a ByLinesTV clip earlier on the UK’s shortages, I was left musing on how the germans interviewed would have opined on the role of the media in promoting Brexit in the first place, and current reporting in the UK.
    Though generations on from what led to WW2, Germans have a collective memory of the propaganda war which preceded it, and would instantly recognise the parallels in the UK.

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  5. The Herald story may be a rare “good Scotland story” for whatever reason rings true for the reader.
    But they still publish in it a graph which equates 3 countries (Scotland, Wales and england) with 9 regions of england why?? just to fill paper space?? if so why not break down Scotland and Wales to regions as well. thereby filling more paper space and giving a more accurate comparison. I have noticed these type of comparisons quite often in the past and no one seams to quibble it.
    Is it perhaps part a concerted effort to belittle us, a subliminal effort to reduce our confidence in ourselves.
    You may think so, I could not possibly comment…


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