Scotland has lowest infection level by some way

BBC Wales ignores surge in Covid cases

New cases of Covid-19 in Scotland yesterday fell to the lowest in the UK by some way, 50% lower than in England, just over half that in N Ireland and one quarter of the rate in Wales.

  • Scotland 1 in every 3 015
  • England 1 in every 1 990
  • N Ireland 1 in every 1 754
  • Wales 1 in every 795

Opposition leaders have not accused the First Minister of doing well.

2 thoughts on “Scotland has lowest infection level by some way

  1. This is good news. How do we explain that England has not undergone a similar spike in cases hospitalisations and deaths over the last month? Hard won herd immunity perhaps?


    1. Simples – schools start 3-4 week later in England… Thus spike is delayed (possibly delayed a little longer because of higher previous infection rates and more weeks of jags. But their number are steadily rising.

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