NHS Scotland’s super-efficient surgery machine

This is a chart showing, for NHS Scotland, the total planned operations and the percentage of patients who had their planned operation cancelled for the reasons of clinical, non-clinical/capacity, cancelled by patient or other reasons. Data is from August 2019 to August 2021. A red vertical line at March 2020 shows the point where the NHS was placed under emergency measures to the COVID-19 pandemic. The data shows a peak in non-clinical/capacity reasons in March 2020 due to the emergency measures.

Of all planned operations during August 2021, only 2.4% were cancelled by the hospital due to capacity or non-clinical reasons.

In a huge organisation, with 160 000 staff and over 20 000 operations carried out every month, that only 2.4% are cancelled due to a temporary shortage of theatres or of staff is stunning. Zero cancellations would only be possible with the level of over-provision of high cost facilities and accommodation and over-staffing of highly paid surgeons, that no state-funded body could justify.


4 thoughts on “NHS Scotland’s super-efficient surgery machine

  1. I have noticed receently ads for private healthcare in the UK, on Youtube, if Scotland doesn’t escape the disaster capitalists’ clutches soon, the daily right wing rags won’t have anything to moan about because their will be no Scottish NHS. With the power grab and nigh on direct rule with money being handed to councils rather than the Scottish government, public services will be reduced, people will have to fund their own social and healthcare, or do without, it’s that simple.

    The Tories and their Labour pals now, hate the NHS, they hate the Scottish NHS, and they will stop at nothing to put an end to it. The BBC and the daily rags are just helping them to reach their goal to bring the NHS down.

    Anyone thinking the SNP are the ones at fault here, really need to wake the hell up before it’s too late.

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  2. There will always be a need for a Publicly funded ‘NHS’ because the Private Hospitals and Care Providers will NOT take on the chronic illnesses that the Scottish NHS does at the moment .
    Put simply , there is not enough profit to be had in treating long-term illnesses and cancers . That is the bottom line for all these ”health care ” providers .

    The future , if the Tories have their way, will be a two tier system – Profits for the Private Hospitals and burdens for the cadaverous NHS !

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  3. ‘In a huge organisation, with 160 000 staff and over 20 000 operations carried out every month, that only 2.4% are cancelled due to a temporary shortage of theatres or of staff is stunning.’

    Something not right somewhere: I’m sure on this evening’s (5th Oct) Reporting Scotland, the BBC Scotland health correspondent, within a list of woes, referred to ‘thousands of cancelled operations’ in NHS Scotland – or am I mis-remembering? Did anyone watch watch RS and able to confirm or otherwise?


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