Because they do what I expect my subjects to do?

The Scottish Mail on Sunday

You can see why she loves us:

Cardiff University’s student paper offers the best account of this disgraceful hypocrisy given her call for the Scottish Government/Us to get climate change sorted for her:

Breakdown: What is ‘Queen’s Consent’?

Queen’s Consent (or King’s consent when the monarch is male) is a parliamentary procedure dating back to the 1700s, whereby the sovereign’s consent is needed for a bill affecting the crown’s “prerogative or interests” to be debated by parliament.

It is distinct from Royal Assent, which is required for all legislation, and granted after a bill has passed parliament. In theory, Queen’s consent is a formality, and consent is always given. The evidence uncovered by The Guardian, however, suggests the process is being exploited to intervene in parliament and change laws to benefit the Crown.

The exemption concerns the use of compulsory purchase orders, which would allow for land or property to be obtained from landowners, for uses of great public interest. As one of the largest landowners in Scotland, compulsory purchase powers would be limited in relation to the Queen’s private estates. Documents reveal that after concerns had been raised by the Queen’s lawyers, the then energy minister Paul Wheelhouse agreed to the amendment and Queen’s consent was given.

This action is in opposition to the Royal Family’s previous public commitment to tackling climate change. Prince Charles is a long-term advocate for environmental awareness, and his son Prince William recently joined him in this pursuit, launching the Earthshot Prize to find solutions to environmental problems.

This is not the first time Queen’s consent has been used to lobby for changes to laws.

In February, the Guardian published their investigation into the use of both Queen’s and Prince’s consent to vet over 1000 laws. Following this revelation, a petition was signed by over 50,000 people, calling for a parliamentary investigation into the obscure mechanism. The use of which, to intervene in parliamentary processes, has been criticised by some as undemocratic and an abuse of power. 

In Scotland, where the process is known as Crown Consent, the Queen has vetted 67 bills in the last 2 decades. Both the Palace and the Scottish Government refused to disclose how many of those bills were amended as a result of the Queen’s lobbying.

The Guardian’s investigation, however, also suggests that the Scottish government may have failed to disclose the lobbying when the amendment was questioned during parliamentary debate in Holyrood.

Then Independent MSP Andy Wightman questioned the amendment on the grounds that preferential treatment for the Queen was unfair. Wheelhouse answered that the amendment was needed to “ensure the smooth passage of the bill” but did not reveal that the Queen’s lawyers had lobbied for it.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said, “The royal household can be consulted on bills in order to ensure the technical accuracy and consistency of the application of the bill to the Crown, a complex legal principle governed by statute and common law” and insisted that “This process does not change the nature of any such bill”.

Liberal Democrat MSP Willie Rennie argued that lobbying should have been declared and that “This research shows that Queen’s consent isn’t just some arcane legacy from parliament’s past. It’s a live process. Laws are secretly being changed behind Scotland’s back as a result.”

Anti-Monarchy Pressure Group Republic condemned the move as “disgraceful” in a recent Twitter exchange, calling for ‘an urgent review of the royal consent rule’.

The Scottish Mail on Sunday

9 thoughts on “Because they do what I expect my subjects to do?

  1. When we are independent, I hope they still come their hols to Bonnie Scotia, but they will obviously live in their own country.
    Andy Pandy might have a problem getting a visa, and of course, their property and assets held in Scotland will be subject to normal taxation.
    Scots will no longer be a “subject people”, or beholding to aristocrats, royalty, Tory grifters or other medieval nonsense.

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    1. ‘Their property’ will not be theirs anymore, thy stole a lot of Scotland’s land and it can be taken back…I hope they go somewhere else for their holidays.
      These people are far too powerful, that is not conducive to a 21st century forward looking, equal, and democractic country, therefore, Scotland, like Barbados is doing right now, will ‘ditch’ the monarchy. They have no place in a modern Scotland at all.


    2. And we’ll revisit arcane laws applying to the so called Royals, post-independence
      So this lot get no favours from us. The English can fawn and curtsey. We’ll not.
      They have no place in 21st century Scotland


  2. Charles pays 10% tax on £20million. No corporation or capital gains tax. The Royals illegally interfere in Gov. Westminster keeps it secret under the Official Secrets Act. The deal is the Royals are head of State but do not interfere in Gov. Flaunted and ignored. The Queen suggested people should think twice before voting for Independence. An unwarranted influence on political matters.

    Tony Benn claimed P. Philip supported Scottish Independence in the 1968. ‘The Diaries’. Dan Snow married to tax evader Duke of Westminster (£Billions) sister, campaigned openly against Scottish Independence. Tax evaders, the biggest consumers in the world, lecturing others. Pay their taxes the world would be a better place. The Westminster Gov does not enforce UK tax Laws. £30Billion lose.

    P. Philips Will is never to be published for years. All the wills are kept secret. Diana bequest is known. £17Million to the sons. After she got the divorce settlement from right Charlie. They are said to worth £Billions. They all have grace and favour houses on the Windsor Estate. The run aways Harry getting £100million contract from Netflix and others sponsorship.

    The Queen gifted Anne a £Million Estate years ago. They did not pay tax for years. That is how they became so wealthy. They get donations and gifts from the Saudis and Bahrain. The warmongers killing and maiming millions of people. Illegally employing people as servants. Migrants. They kill other people’S mother’s. Engaging in illegal wars. Against International Law. To protect their illicit wealth. Illegal donations for honours and access. A total illegal fix.


    1. ‘Living off the state, a critical guide to royal finance’ by Jon Temple, 2008 I think, published by Progress books, should be able to find it online to buy, tip of the iceberg, these people are far too powerful and far too coveted by the BritNat state.


      1. “Brit Nat state”. Family ALWAYS comes first.
        Unless it causes an inconvenience–as in the last Tsar of all the Russia’s when George V first offered asylum then removed his offer.
        “England does not extend its hospitality”.
        Sir George Buchanan asserted that it was Russia who prevented the offer being taken up, even accusing Alexander Kerensky of lying, but his daughter Meriel later stated that her father had been forced to lie to cover up George V’s abandonment of his cousin and family to their doom.

        And we can all remember Liz and her mother practicing their NAZI salute for Uncle David. Good little Germans!


  3. And Lizzie NEEDS all her millions to pay for Prince Andrew, Duke of York, pilot and all round sweat-free dude’s, defence.

    But her her mind, this is easy. His royal right to shag anyone in the Kingdom/Dukedom/pilot zone/sweaty armpit area.
    His Droit de Seigneur–
    which obviously extends to all the old colonies like America.
    And all the other Epstein dudes will circle the wagons–Clinton et al.

    Will Fergie be there to offer the old judge a good old fashioned “toe-sucking”?


  4. The Grannie (Glamis Estate) was determined to get rid of the uncle to get the daughter on the throne. Colluding with the Archbishop of Canterbury. The uncle who abdicated was banished to France, in exile. To get rid of the American. Instead of the daughter ER waiting a while in peace and quiet. Deja Vu. History repeats itself. The American clears off.

    Charlie ending up divorced. The Grannie was reported to be £3Million in debt paid off by the daughter. Then the property divided. The wife despatched. To the after life. Child molesters kept undercover. Above the Law.

    The establishment were scared by the Russian Revolution. 1917. Afraid of Revolution in Britain. Royal rivalries caused the 1WW. Rivalries within the colonies.The ‘divine right to rule’. Russian Tsar invaded Germany. European cousins. Victoria’s children and grandchildren. Cousins married cousins. Wilhelm deposed.

    Millions died in the 1WW. Spanish flu killed even more. Finished off the European Royalty. Germany, Russian became Republics. Spain.- Franco. 1933 Spanish Civil war. Royalty/ democracy restored 1976.

    The Middle East parts supported the Allies. They were promised the vote. Lawrence of Arabia. Reneged upon and betrayed. Picot/Sykes Agreement. Britain/France carved up the Middle East. British protectorates. The Balfour Agreement 1917. Oil exploited and taken over by Western companies and countries.

    Universal Suffrage 1928. After 1WW. Ireland Partition 1923. Irish Republic. IRA blew up Mountbatten. Royals of German descent. Victoria’s mother, husband German. P. Philip German/Greek. Migrants.


  5. Another crook funding Johnston. Getting access everywhere. The Pandora revelations. Getting access to the Royals. How much more do they need. The blatant greed. Bribes and corruption for honours and access. Tory graft and corruption to get access and ruin the economy.

    Some citizens are more equal than others. Universal benefit cut £20 a week. Asylum seekers not allowed to work. People dying in the Channel every week. No compassionate. Wars to enrich the wealthy, illegally. International Laws broken with impunity.


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