‘You’re not on track Scotland’

The judgement of Chris Stark, Chief Exec of the Climate Change Committee, on BBC Scotland climate change special tonight.

Why was there no representation at all from the SNP/Greens Scottish Government at all throughout this hour long show? There was plenty time for tangential reports from Germany and South Africa unrelated to the above stated intention for the programme.

We did get evidence from Orkney and a trip to Montrose Bay to hear that there was no plan to save the golf course – I won’t sleep.

Stark mentions in passing renewable energy production but only in passing. It’s not followed up and no numbers are offered.

If they’d asked the First Minister, she could have told them:

Scottish Government figures for 2020 show 97% of electricity in Scotland is produced from renewables. When compared with the latest data from Eurostat for 2019, it takes Scotland into the top three of nations in Europe producing clean electricity.

In 2019, only Norway and Iceland produced more electricity from renewables than Scotland. Other nations behind Scotland in the table include Sweden, Denmark and Germany. It also puts Scotland way ahead of the UK as a whole which produces just 35% of electricity from renewables.

That’s impact isn’t it?

They could have interviewed Lord Deben, chair of the Climate Change Committee and former UK Environment Secretary. He told Holyrood’s Net Zero committee that

Scotland’s approach has allowed him to ‘say to other parts of the United Kingdom why don’t they do it as well as the Scots?’ Scotland has passed world-leading climate change legislation as part of our aim to become a net zero country by 2045 – something hailed by the UN as “an inspiring example of the level of ambition we need globally”.  

And tree planting, did the trips to South Africa and Germany squeeze out that? Have we planted a lot of trees? Well only 272 million in the last 20 years and 84% of all the new planting in the UK in 2019.

That’s impact too?

Ant-Irish hate crime in Scotland? More anti-Scottish.

9 thoughts on “‘You’re not on track Scotland’

  1. More BBC nonsense needs buried. Like the toxic waste. Regurgitated rubbish.

    Scotland the best place in the world for renewables. With the best record. Surplus in fuel and energy. 25% surplus. Yet people in Scotland pay more for it because of Westminster corruption. Despite being in surplus and nearer the source. Scotland should pay 10% less for parity. Another unfair Westminster tax on the Scottish economy.

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  2. It gets more than tedious the number of propaganda hits against Scotland by the media .
    Not only are we ”Too Wee , Too Poor and Too Stupid ” to run our own affairs but we are ”Too Insignificant ” to rate a mention in a BBC programme about SCOTLAND and it’s impact on the Environment .

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    1. Like the way the interviewer managed to slip in housing shortages and the apparent family stresses of ‘Health and Education’ as if the cuts to Universal credit and the need to balance heating and food on the table for many was not more stressful. Disgusting BBC reporting as usual.

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  3. I recorded this knowing full well this would not be truly representative of what is happening in Scotland but forever hopeful we might just get a balanced objective view of life here. Yes we had various clips of reports from abroad of environmental disasters but very little positive action being taken in Scotland. Yes no representative from the Scot Gov or SEPA nothing about flood prevention/coastal erosion schemes, tree planting, sustainable housing projects and no comparisons with what other Uk nations/Govs are doing to combat climate change. Final nail was a women supposedly traipsing the streets of Glasgow to dispose of a bag of food /household waste… did no one tell her to put in her wheelie bin at home. Also interesting they chose the Borders and Aberdeenshire areas for their ‘family experiments’ just to ensure there was no ‘favourable views’ being expressed. Just the usual drivel from the BBC and of course designed to once again undermine all the good work being done.

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  4. ‘No plans to save Montrose golf course’

    there are no plans to save the town, in the recently released report on the erosion at Montrose by CREW, Scotland’s centre of expertise for waters, the industrial extraction 5 to 10 million tons of beach sand ongoing for 50 years did not even rate a mention, its a whitewash.

    here’s a documentary by Anthony Baxter, it explains the problem in 2 mins.

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    1. I had no idea this was going on. I do read about the beaches in many countries being decimated by extraction on a large and small scale, for the construction industry. Jeez, I wondered if this was a problem here, how scary, it devastates the whole eco system and land security of an area. I wonder who benefits from this extraction in Scotland.

      Most of Scotland’s rocks extraction was used to build London. The Edinburgh crags underneath Arthur’s seat, were going to be taken down completely, having been blown to pieces to take to London until it was realised they were of geological significance.
      The gold being extracted at Tyndrum by an Aussie company called ScotGold, will be making some people very rich, outwith Scotland. More minerals could be mined in the Highlands, Scotland will not see one penny from it but will see their land totally wrecked from blasting and chemical contamination.
      Benefits of the union, pooling not sharing, but thieving.

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      1. the research carried out by Milne, Dong and Davidson concluded with,

        ‘The removal of sediment dredged from the South Esk estuary in the closed coastal system is shown to be a major anthropogenic influence on the beach-dune system in recent decades based on a simple quantitative analysis of dune erosion due to removal of beach sediments during dredging operations’.

        In 2006 the dredged sand was transported to Aberdeen and pumped onto the beach there, otherwise it’s dumped into the North Sea, to keep the navigation channel and harbour operational the maintenance dredging takes place 2 to 3 times per year.

        Montrose port is to be the maintenance base for the SeaGreen windfarm due to be commissioned in the next few years, it’s ironic that so much environmental damaged has to be caused to facilitate this.

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  5. I will follow the Climate change committee to see what they are spouting, I looked at their website, can’t find an address for them or where they are registered, and how they are funded, is not clear on their website, hmm. They don’t tweet much either. In their ‘publications’ section they have a plethora of ‘reports’ including a section specific to Scotland, hmm, lots to read! The CCC do publish annual report and accounts so could be interesting to see that.

    I suspect this sort of anti SNP anti Scotland rhetoric is going to be pumped onto TV screens across the globe in the run up to COP26. Has anyone heard of the CCC in any significant way before this BBC ‘special report’? Not really, and I take an interest in all things environmental…

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