Tension unbearable in Reporting Scotland office

In the last 24 hours, the 7 day rolling average for new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Scotland and in England have become statistically indistinguishable.

TuS staff are now predicting that Scotland will have clearly the lowest infection level in the next day or two, throwing the SNPbad strategy into crisis mode. There have been talks of appointing a new health correspondent, preferably with stronger connections to the Scottish Conservatives. A dire lack of talent in the MSP group has led to suggestions that Michelle Mone might be appointed from the Lords.

9 thoughts on “Tension unbearable in Reporting Scotland office

  1. And Reporting Scotland’s tactical response again on show this evening – (i) don’t show the audience time series graphs; (ii) don’t offer the audience wider context or perspective.

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  2. I did notice that Sally Magnusson did manage to briefly sneak in a “NHS crisis” comment at the 18:30 BBC Scotland news introduction tonight, it was subtle, and once again the dear BBC Scotland tried to convey the notion there is indeed a “crisis” and it’s not just made up.

    I was convinced, I mean I really was.. 😉

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  3. Surely Lord Owford, a City Slicker, and all round @rse licker, could front up BBC Hootsmon news progs?
    After all, he has just purchased his way into a Peerage (couldnt get elected…..boo-hoo!) and STRAIGHT into the Scorrish (sic) Office to carry Hi Jacks bags (Mundell is reported as “stricken”) and, given he has no actual duties, a wee side job, bigging up DRossie, would be excellent.

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    1. I have no respect for the actions of the Tory Government over the peerage for Malcolm Offord: it’s an insult and an abuse of democracy.

      Notwithstanding this, there is a notable article written by Offord in April, 2021 for Policy Exchange. For those here interested in policy issues around government debt and deficit, in the importance of a nation-state as a currency ‘issuer’ etc., it makes for an interesting, and perhaps an unexpected read. Recommended!

      Offord’s main political (Unionist/Better Together) point is that the international status of Sterling as a currency should be weaponised in the cause to save the Union. But it’s other parts of the article that are notable. It’s framed by this: “.. it’s time now to slay some of .. old Tory dogmas and dispel these ingrained myths of post-war economics”. As an example, this is one of the four ‘dogmas’ he discusses:

      “Dogma number one: that government deficits are bad. By Newton’s 3rd law, if the government is in deficit, some-one-else must be in surplus. So, who is the government’s counter party? Answer: we the people. So how can we the people being in surplus be a bad thing? Answer: only if the government spends its deficit on things which don’t benefit we the people. If it spends its deficit on good and worthwhile things that benefit us like our health, our pensions, our defence, our economy, our education, our jobs, our housing and our environment, how can that be a bad thing?”

      See https://policyexchange.org.uk/why-sterling-is-the-uks-silver-bullet/

      Perhaps Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves could learn from reading Offord’s article!

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  4. Ah Fret not ABC ( BBC Scotland )
    Your Director General in London who just a day or two ago was awarded a massive salary increase
    I have it on good authority he has just of a crisis call with you know who
    So expect agents imminently with aerosols filled with a enhanced Delta strain to arrive in Scotland giving the can a shake then pressing the nozzle of their
    007 little discreet dispensers in crowded spaces
    After all these verminous Scots must be extreminated
    Hail Hail Hail Boris the Great

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  5. Kirsten Campbell lived with Tavish Scott in a house in Morningside. The mortgage was paid for by taxpayers. One of the perks of the job. Living with a unionist. Flip flopping houses making vast profits. Yet there are claims of no biased reporting or influencing. Nepotism riding high at BBC Scotland. The interconnection between the unionist parties and the BBC is corruption plain to see. They have to be embedded with a unionist before anyone can get a job on BBC Scotland.

    There are virtually no Independence supporting correspondents despite support being 50/50 and 50% of Indy taxpayers paying for it. The supposedly non biased BBC. What a joke. Controlled by Westminster Press Office. No wonder no one watches it. A complete fallacy. Made up hogwash. Trying to scare pensioners. Over their minuscule pension. Pensions that could easily be increased if Scotland was Independent. Not paying for all Westminster unionist nonsense and waste. Including the BBC propaganda unit.

    Scotland has one of the best renewables records in the world. Scotland the best place for renewables in the world. The highest wind turbine scheme was recorded on Lewis. Wind, wave, water/hydro and solar. There are the technology to go with it. Technology that can be exported.

    Decommissioning in Dundee etc. The ability is there to build other vessels. Scotland is surplus in fuel and energy. Yet Scotland pays more for fuel and energy despite being in surplus and nearer the source. Fuel and energy prices should be 10% lower in Scotland for parity. Westminster refused to let fuel and energy companies set prices with more locality. Scotland being charged at a higher rate again because of Westminster policies. No parity with thevrest of the UK. Unequal and unfair.

    Scottish oil and gas revenues being misused and mismanaged by Westminster Gov. Norway exports £Billions of gas to the UK profiting from UK Gov contracts. US fracked Gas in imported into Grangemouth. Supposed to be cheaper but what about environmental damage.

    Hinkley Point plant the most expensive every build. With no business case. Where will they put the waste? A waste of time, space and monies. Borrowed from the Chinese and paid back with interest, The British Chinese consortium. The Tory slush fund. A public disgrace. The Tories are borrowing monies from the Chinese to fund nuclear sub to threaten the Chinese. It has to be paid back with interest.

    The Chinese supposedly benefitting, with interest, from loans to pay for nuclear subs to threaten them. How long will that situation last before there is a backlash. 1.4 Billion Chinese to make an enemy. They can just cut off funding and contracts. The West will be left in a total mess. Especially with Australia. All their exports and trading is with the Chinese. Coal and minerals etc. Their nearest biggest market.

    HS2 the biggest waste with no business case. Illegally non scrutinised. Civil service negligence. £160Billion++. Scottish funds have to pay for it. Journey times in the North and Scotland should be improved. They take nearly twice as long as rail journeys in the south because of historical lack of investment. That investment would cut journey times throughout Britain. Improving the economy.

    The Westminster Gov refused funding and grants for CCS at Longannet and Peterhead. EU countries are developing it and will benefit. Scotland should have led the way and benefited from the technology. Technology already available in the North Sea activities. It could have been explored and exported. The expertise is there but prohibited by Westminster.

    A wave project at Swansea was cancelled. A lagoon project in Wales not supported. It would have improved the Welsh economy. Declining because of Brexit. Losing EU regional aid etc.

    Two tidal projects were cancelled as too expensive. One on the Humber. They were much cheaper and safer than the nuclear projects commissioned by the Westminster Gov. Projects totally out of time and over budget. There have been tidal plants in France and hydro in Scotland since the 1960’s. Pitlochry. Rance tidal plant at Dinan. The public can see around both premises. They are a tourist attraction.

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  6. Daniel Craig 007 in demise. Official secret.

    Glasgow getting another major filming project. Bring revenues into the City. Enough to ban Orange Marches from interruption in the City. Ruining the economy. Racist, bigoted, misogynist, unequal and unfair. Belongs in the past century. Not a modern equal, fair city. Glasgow is miles better and would smile better without manufactured sectarianism.

    Sectarianism that should and could be banned in a modern era. They blackball people who do not meet their criteria. Racist, bigoted and misogynist. Not equal or fair. Totally biased. A secret society has no place in a modern society or mind set. Never mind roaming the streets annoying others. Wasting taxpayers monies. If they want to carrying on ‘parading’. They should do it in a field or private land at their own expense. They are still breaking equality Laws for fairness. A danger and damage to the environment.

    The dinosaurs did die out eventually. The Orange Lodge members are dying out rapidly. The world is round not flat as the DUP creationists believe living in the past. Not up to speed they are dying out as well. Demographic changes. A United Ireland is on the horizon.

    After all the Troubles (NI) caused by the corrupt Westminster Gov breaking UK and International Law. For unionist votes at Westminster. Costing lives and wasting £Trns of taxpayers monies. Illegal wars and destruction. Biden not best pleased with Irish protocol and agreement being broken. He has an Irish migrant mother. Obama is of Irish descent. Trump Scottish mother.

    The Irish/Scottish diasporia in the US. 12% descent could swing a US Presidential election. Johnston the migrant US/Turk not in agreement. Brexit renegade. He will get his jotters. Out at an ejection coming soon. Starmer is not a charmer and no better. Both the worst of any options, especially for Scotland who did not vote for them. Independence is a far better proposition.

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  7. Today (1, October) the BBC Health page reports ‘1 in 20’ school children in England has COVID – no demand for the Health Secretary to resign, no angry questions by opposition MPs in England.

    The Wales Page reports ‘more than 10 000 schoolchildren have Covid. The Health Secretary for Wales is not even mentioned. There are no angry scenes in the Senedd.

    Such data would have been cause for rejoicing in the Reporting Scotland Newsroom and amongst the unionist opposition politicians.


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