Hospital cases fall below 1 000 for first time in nearly three weeks

The last time there were less than 1 000 in hospitals was September 11th. ICU’s have been consistently at below 100 cases since September 19th.

New admissions at 78, on the 25th September (the latest) were the lowest since August 23rd when the figure was 75.

It is also 9 days since BBC Scotland headlined:

Covid in Scotland: NHS needs 1,000 more hospital beds say A&E doctors

4 thoughts on “Hospital cases fall below 1 000 for first time in nearly three weeks

  1. “Now an UPDATE on the hospital CRISIS–over to you , Ima Doomladen”.
    “Scotland has recorded a WHOLE thousand new hospital cases–a THOUSAND extra in our third world hospitals, where the pigeons perch on the beds, if ye can find a bed that is, haha—THOUSANDS’n’THOUSANDS, I tell ye”!
    “Now here is Grave Digger Charlie to tell us his story”!

    “Uv hud tae dig holes aw ower, jist tae please the BBC”.

    “Sh!t, cut him aff, quick. Now back to you Ima, at Specific Queeez”!

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  2. One notable feature of Reporting Scotland’s coverage of Covid-related data every night is that it does NOT provide time series graphs. It typically broadcasts just absolute numbers for the day; for some metrics, percentages; and for some metrics, a comparison with the previous day’s statistics. But no time series graphs appear, even tho’ these could be lifted straight from official government sources, even from a UK government source which would obviously be authoritative. So why is this the case?

    BBC Scotland’s editorial decision here is in direct contrast to the decision that has been taken for the immediately preceding 6PM News on BBC 1. Here the nightly presentation includes time series graphs going back to the start (I think) of the pandemic. These graphs are for UK statistics only.

    So once again – and even when assessed against its peers within the Corporation – BBC Scotland exhibits its now characteristic failure to provide context and/or perspective on public policies/public services and related topics concerning Scotland.

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  3. The great thing is sites like this are giving us an archive timeline of the UK agenda against Scotland, and when the timing is right these BBC folks are going to be held to account.

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  4. Great to see that John Frace, who set up and runs the Travelling Tabby Covid tracking website, recently won the prize for Student of the Year from his college which is part of the University of the Highlands and Islands, Argyll branch.
    I hadn’t realised he was still a student. If you appreciate his work, you can buy him a coffee when you visit his website

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