Why are big Lib Dems not urging Javid to probe into ‘unnecessary deaths’ in England?

In the Herald today:

HUMZA Yousaf is facing calls for an inquiry into any “unnecessary deaths” linked to Scotland’s waiting times crisis after the latest figures showed a quarter of A&E patients still waiting too long. Making the demand, the Scottish Liberal Democrats accused the Health Secretary of “mismanagement” and sending staff morale to “rock bottom”.


Given his size, Cole-Hamilton is getting exposure beyond that of bigger parties.

See those speech marks? Those clever journos just pop them on when they want to say something for which there is no evidence. There is no evidence that people who have been checked and deemed able to wait a bit are any more likely to die if they wait 4 or 5 hours. Sadly, the ones who die have gone long before that.

More telling for those of us subject to Scotland’s essentially pro-Union media is the demonising of SNP ministers. You won’t see the health ministers for England, Wales (who?) or Northern Ireland (who?) challenged and pictured in this way, yet if the same standards were applied, they might:

Alex Cole Hamilton will be using the latest NHS Scotland weekly data, for week ending 19th September, where 74.4% of their 27 000 attendees were seen in 4 hours, up from 71.5 % the previous week.

NHS England only release monthly but in August they only managed 66.2% of their 777 000 attendees.

So, using ACH/Herald logic, if Yousaf was running NHS England, around 50 000 would have been seen within 4 hours and presumably many would not have had an unnecessary death?

Finally, who is sending staff morale down? That’ll be the media.

6 thoughts on “Why are big Lib Dems not urging Javid to probe into ‘unnecessary deaths’ in England?

  1. They really are hounding Humza Yousaf aren’t they. The so called media are trying to bully him out of the job like they have managed to do with other SNP ministers.
    There would literally be people lying on trolleys outside of A&E in Scotland if the likes of Cole Hamilton were anywhere near the levers of power, it does not bear thinking about.

    These people taking from the public purse to do their London masters’ dirty work are a disgrace to Scotland and the people of Scotland, C.Hamilton and his ilk should hang their heads in shame for misinforming people, and for undermining the work of the staff at the NHS, just disgraceful. The media give these people a voice even though they are almost irrelevant to the people and workings of government in Scotland.

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  2. On the BBC Panorama programme last night (very late, so that most of us were in bed), it was instructive that the Scottish Government were quoted defending their position, whereas the NHS England mess was defended/explained by various NHS-related experts.

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    1. Did the “experts” reveal their political affiliation, as demanded of the BBC, by English Tory MP’s?

      But not by DRossie, Starwars or Cauld-Ham, the Blue, Red and Yellow “Scottish” Tories. Quelle surprise!

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  3. The parasites think and hope they can hound Humza Yousef into resigning from his job. All part of the Unionist plot to discredit the Scottish government so people learn to blame it for all woes.
    Same as they have done over many years with previous Health Secretaries. Despicable sleazy behaviour, as expected from the lot of them.

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  4. Javid the failed millionaire banker. Wife’s family tax evading £Billionaires. Javid intended cutting universal credit. More people will get ill and die. Increasing NHS costs. The LibDems, the Tory enablers, supported austerity. Increasing sickness and death. Life expectancy going down in the south. The first time in 40 years.

    Unemployment benefit was so low, Thatcher put people on sickness benefit. Unemployment payments are even less and people have to wait longer for universal credit. Fuel bills are set to rise and inflation increasing. Prices rising because of Brexit.


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