Private care home owners expect fire fighters to make up for their failures?

The Herald

No fears have been expressed by fire safety experts. Even the opposition parties have nothing to say about a strategic move to reduce the waste of time by firefighters.

Whose are the fears?

Scottish Care, a group of private care providers. You remember them? The ones with the highest complaint rates, the most failed inspections, the highest infection and death rates because of their cheap exploitative approach to staffing.

They whine about staffing pressure. Try paying the living wage, giving secure contracts, having enough staff to cope and training them properly. I see no sign of local authority or voluntary care homes being fearful. I see no sign of schools or hospitals moaning.

As for the Herald, how about some evidence? In 2019/20, deaths in fires fell from 62 to 44, a 29% fall. In the same period ‘retained duty’ (firefighters) staff have been reduced from 3 076 to 2 953, down 123 or 4%.

7 thoughts on “Private care home owners expect fire fighters to make up for their failures?

  1. Crocodile tears from the sharks who run Private Care Homes !

    As John has repeatedly pointed out – where was their concern over the health and well-being of their staff and patients when they were creaming off profits by paying poverty wages and failing to comply with Health and Safety rules ?

    How many of their shareholders would send their OWN relatives into one of THEIR homes ?

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  2. Off-piste.
    In my in-box this morning, the Herald* reports:–

    “Covid hospitalisations fall”.
    “Cop 26 hinges on Nats* net-zero support”.
    “Tunnel delayed”.

    But this was the Sydney Morning Herald*, not the Brit Nat Herald.
    Even though the stories from Sydney, ‘seemed’ more Scotland-oriented than the Glasgow version ever does.

    *Nats are the National party of Australia, not the Scottish National Party (which Boris never seems to get right–is he dyslexic, or just a pr!ck?)

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    1. Johnson and his pals call the SNP ‘nationalist’ for a reason, he is definitely not dyslexic, it’s quite deliberate. They do it to try to portray the SNP as ethnic ‘nationalists’, to the outside world. Everyone knows ethnic nationalism is about racism, the Tories should rename their party, ‘The nationalist party of England’, ,or maybe even just the BNP, because it’s they who are the ethnic nationalists, not the Scottish National Party.

      Scotland is INTERNATIONALIST, if we have to add an ‘ist’ or an ‘ism’ onto the word ‘national’. A friend of mine of Indian decent, years ago, said she wished the ‘SNP would change their name’, meaning the ‘national’ part has too many connotations.

      The British Nationalists milk that misconception for political leverage and it’s as I say to portray Scotland as extremely racist to the outside world.

      We all know who the dangerous racists are in the UK, they are in power in England’s government, even though in fact their cabinet includes quite a few people none British heritage, it’s interesting and disturbing imo, to see that in fact. Racists at WM, employing people they would at one time have not hesitated to persecute or worse. Hmm.

      We were just walking by the ‘Elephant House’ cafe yesterday in Edinburgh, hadn’t really taken much notice of the fact it’s kaput due to a huge fire in August, which started in the cafe next door, damaging much of the old building on several floors as well.

      The EH was a HUGE tourist attraction, thats’ quite a few MAJOR tourist attractions that have been burnt to the ground in Scotland just this year, it’s getting scary and far too coincidental. Does someone aim to thwart Scotland’s tourist industry in Scotland? I wonder if there is a link in how the fires started. Just a thought.

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  3. Fires have reduced considerably, MUP means less chip fires. No open fat pans. Over chips. Less coal fires. Increasingly redundant. More fire alarms.

    There were reports fire paramedics on motorcycles could be trained as first attenders. To road accidents and emergencies. Make use of their expertise. They could get there very quickly.

    Paramedics already are on standby to attend emergencies. They can get there before ambulances. Stationed in local areas. The paramedic vehicles can be seen on standby duties. .


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