Tom, Dick and Garavelli: Another NHS scare story

Scotland on Sunday

In a report based pretty much on the evidence of two paramedics, named Tom and Richard by Dani Garavelli, a couple of GPs and one other, we’re told the NHS is broken.

Leaving aside Garavelli’s track record, gloating with Wark in that Salmond case special, this is a terribly wee sample.

Mind you, Unison found 64% saying similar things in May 2021 and they had a sample of ‘more than 500‘ nurses, so maybe NHS Scotland is broken?

Wait, there are 60 000 nurses in Scotland, so 500 is 0.83% and only two thirds were demoralised, so that’s less than 0.3%.

What about the Garavelli sample? 2 out of 5 000 paramedics. 2 out of 5 000 GPs? Even worse – 0.04%

Not looking so convincing that story, is it?

Could Scotland having far more nurses and GPs per head of population, falling infection and admission levels be helping?

Might that wee handful helping Garavelli make up that story be unrepresentative?

7 thoughts on “Tom, Dick and Garavelli: Another NHS scare story

  1. The ‘NHS in Crisis’ trope is clearly coordinated by the Scotland Office, with Labour’s role being to join the gadarene rush to lynch the GGHB and have the QEUH hospital closed. Almost every BBC Scotland news bulletin this week led with ‘revelations’ about the health service, and unconstrained delight about legionella detected at Monklands, which was detected during routine hygiene monitoring.

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    1. Conspiracy theory, BritNats would go to great lengths to demonise the SNP and they know it’s always a sensitive issue, I’d put nothing past them. They could easily introduce dangerous legonella into a hospital, no problem at all. The fact the British nationalist media delight in this though is all we need to know about their agenda, they are employed to totally undermine the Scottish NHS, so that the BritNats can demand it is taken into English government control and sold off.

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  2. IF the ‘NHS is in crisis’, IF it is broken in Scotland then based on comparative analysis of publicly available evidence it is in crisis/broken across the UK – and this claimed crisis/broken character must be at least as bad and probably much worse in other parts of the UK.

    However, there is one crucial difference between the situation in Scotland, NI, Wales on the one hand and in England.

    The only government in the UK that has agency over ALL economic, fiscal and monetary levers – i.e. agency over the means which determine in a practical way the scale of financial resource provided to support and enhance health and social care over the short and longer term – is the one that has full responsibility of health and social care in England.

    That government in Westminster determines the resource input to England’s health and social care system: NI, Scotland and Wales have the challenge of coping with the fall-out, coping with the financial consequences of the Westminster government’s decisions for England. This also boils down to the challenge of having to ‘cope’ with the decisions of voters in England, including the one most recently created (apparently) by ‘traditional Labour voters’ prepared, despite predictable consequences, to vote for Tory candidates in a GE. So much for ‘solidarity’: is it only Scots voters that Labour Unionists in Scotland demand this of?

    Tories have been in charge in Westminster – and in charge of health and social care in England – for more than a decade. When last did voters in Wales and Scotland opt to give the Tory party majority support?

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  3. The NHS is funded £139Billion. To be increased £10Billion. £149Billion.The largest employer. A quarter of all taxes and revenues raised in the UK, On average £600Billion+. Scotland raises £66Billion+. The healthcare system is hardly broken. Especially in Scotland where social care has been integrated to cut costs. MUP has been introduced.

    Why do these Press ignoramuses keep on attacking the NHS which has massive support. Are they just so ignorant. Or just delusional,

    The £10Billion increase will be funded by taxing the poorer. It will put up NHS costs
    because people already have to chose between heating and eating. They will become ill.

    A good government would encourage healthier lifestyle changes by putting a tax on sugar and fat in processed food. To increase healthier eating. Putting a higher tax on alcohol and cigarettes and unhealthier health choices. Still a big killer and responsible for earlier death.

    The Press are totally ignorant. The non Dom tax evading owners are culpable in people’s healthcare and earlier death. Controlled by Westminster Press Office. Total propaganda and sensationalised nonsense. How many are saved and helped every day. Millions. The constant attacks are sickening.

    The Tory unionists culpable in the total mess. Not the NHS or healthcare system which has to pick up the pieces of Westminster delusional governance. Taxing the poorer to enrich the wealthier. Not a progressive taxation system. Unequal and unfair, The UK the most unequal place in the world. Scottish revenues and resources going to fund London S/E. Disproportionately. The North/South divide perpetuated by the Tory Westminster wasteful Gov. The illegal Barnett Formula.


  4. A more realistic headline would be :

    ” Why the Scottish Media is broken ! ”

    Garavelli and an unknown source at The Herald , simply called Uncle Tom , were insistent :
    ” Morale is at rock bottom because we feel we are failing the Public ”.

    Evidence from falling sales clearly supports these accusations .

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  5. I heard of someone in England had their chemo stopped and had died a few weeks later.I am not trying to make political capital out of this but if it happened in Scotland Dross and Sarwar,Baillie and BBC would be shouting for the HS to resign.
    Very sorry for that family.

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