Prize offered for spotting Army drivers

Scottish Mail on Sunday

114 soldiers doing non-emergency driving only, among 5 000 regular drivers who can drive on emergencies, and 2 600 volunteers already taking old folk in for non-emergency treatment. English soldiers who don’t know their way around and who struggle to communicate with the locals.

An unspecified ‘more’ on the way as infection levels and hospital admissions fall.

Tweet me if you see one between now and Christmas and I’ll send a you a prize using SFA guidelines.

19 thoughts on “Prize offered for spotting Army drivers

  1. Next they’ll be chucking the SNP out of Holyrood saying they can’t govern Scotland and are killing peeps so better bring in more ‘British’ troops to man (not woman) the decks, lol! Brilliant distraction from empty shop shelves and queues to get petrol even for ambulances, next the buses will be off! It’ll be called ‘off the buses’!!

    Would the English Gov stage a coup on Scotland? Probably but it’s easier and more accepting to conjure up complete myths about how terrible the Scottish government is doing. It’s incessant.

    I’m popping over to indy car Davy to see what he has to say, I like his channel because his laugh is quite contagious even though it’s about the seriously scary UKEngGovs’ shambolic Brexit and all that!

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  2. Westminster are arranging military exercises in Scotland without a mandate. Scotland paying too much for the military and Trident. Without a Navy to patrol the shores.

    £Trns spent on illegal wars by Westminster warmongers causing the worst migrant crisis since WW2. Now borrowing funding from the Chinese for nuclear and threatening them with nuclear subs. Where will the waste go. A waste of time and monies. The Tories spaced out. They will get voted out., if there is any justice. The chronic mess and shambles.

    100,000 drivers short. Short term visas for 5,000. The Tory grand plan. ‘That’s the way to do it’. Punch and Judy. They could not find their way out of a paper bag. Smash and grab. Empty shelves, no petrol. Import/exports down. Losing £Billions.

    The cost of living going up. The standard of living going down. Life expectancy going down. First time for over forty years. After Thatcher mutiny. Increased NHS funding being paid by the poorer. Putting NHS costs up as an increased number of people cannot heat or eat. The Tories funded by tax evaders looking for privilege. Non scrutinised public contracts going to Tory donors.

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    1. Gordon
      Westminster is on the cusp of cancelling
      Chinese involvement in Nuclear power stations and set up a new fund of Taxpayers monies as borrowing to a new company
      Will the taxpayer ever see it back
      Already the cost of the electricity these new English power stations is almost double the cost of Scottish renewables
      Work out for yourselves what is going on and the massive implications for Scottish tax and the continued thwarting of our renewable resources
      And believe me China WILL punish UK
      cleverly and severely

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  3. Ok a bit of a long shot I know, but maybe as we drive around looking for petrol we could keep the kids in the back amused by getting them to complete the “I-Spy The Army (No. 17) by Big Chief I-Spy” books..

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  4. I am sure I heard an army man speaking about coming to Scotland was no problem as they had been doing the same in NE England for sometime BBC Scotland will not be reporting that.

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  5. The Mail headline “..British Army launches rescue mission..” almost ejected a fresh intake of milky coffee onto the screen, interrupted only by quick swallow before convulsing in laughter…
    What’s next “Thunderbirds are go” ?

    No doubt England’s readers are being fed this preposterous bunkum, blissfully unaware of the Army’s previous mission to rescue of the East of England, possibly due the camouflage….
    Worried mothers will have been phoning perplexed students in Outer Mongolia (Glasgow) to check on conditions…

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  6. Aren’t the Troopers, now Truckers, driving petrol tankers rather than ambulances?

    How many have we got in the army, in any case?
    Who is left to fight the Russians/Chinese/Scots/Irish and climate protesters?
    And Keep Britain Safe–for the Oligarch’s, Casino Capitalists and all-round City-Slicker rich folks.

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        1. “Oh, the grand auld Duke of York,
          His maw had ten thousand homes.
          He hid away in all o’ them.
          ‘Cause o’ sweat-free liars syndrome”!


          1. Fill in the blanks:

            Mary had a little lamb,
            It’s fleece was green as grass,
            Andrew slavered ‘three years old?,
            *** ****** ** ** *** ***.

            …without breaking sweat.


  7. All this talk of ambulance drivers from the army or airforce and visa’s for EU drivers to save Christmas is as you know simply posturing to deflect from the tossers balls ups in London.
    The ambulance issue in the Glasgow area is real caused by a Covid peak in this area which is now declining. On the shortage of lorry drivers the industry has been warning about this for over three years. They could see the Brexit effects.
    There is no short term solution to the lorry drivers shortage. If enough UK trainees come forward it will still take a few years to remedy. You cannot train someone to drive a 50 ton articulated lorry until they have been driving a 24 tonner for a period of time. There are different levels of qualification based on skill and experience.

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    1. “You cannot train someone to drive a 50 ton articulated lorry until they have been driving a 24 tonner for a period of time. ”
      I understood Mogg announced this would be revoked along with reversing and coupling/de-coupling unit requirements ?

      IIRC there are thousands of experienced drivers across the UK who now stack shelves etc for much the same wages and none of the grief.

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  8. The Chinese/Australia consortium owns 40% of the grid. They can cut off power, when the Tories threaten them with nuclear subs. 1.4Billion people. The Tories are disillusioned. The total mess and shambles. It is unbelievable.

    Hickley Point the most expensive plant ever built. What will they do with the waste. A total waste of time and monies. There are many total affordable alternatives. The Tory slush fund milking off the public purse. An absolute disgrace. Non scrutinised illegal contracts going to Tory donors. Total corruption and graft. The poorer are starved and killed. Life expectancy going down. The Tory unionist sycophants ruining the economy.

    Australia exports go to China. They earn £Billions from the Chinese. Now threatening them with nuclear subs. Coal and mineral exports etc. The Chinese are their biggest market, 1.4Billion people.

    The UK is covered with coal, especially in Scotland. With CCS. The European countries are investing and developing in the North Sea. Westminster reneged and cut funds for investment and development. At Longannet and Peterhead. Renewables are far cheaper and safer. Scotland the best country to invest in. Scotland has lost EU investment grants.


  9. The Chinese 1.4Billion people just need to cut off trade with Australia 25million people to ruin their economy. Yet Australia will be threatening China with nuke subs. What planet are they on? The US/UK warmongering imbeciles. 430million threatening 1.4Billion.


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