Two or three UK Army ambulances expected to cross the Tweed later today to add only 1.8% in ‘crisis’

According to BBC Scotland:

The Ministry of Defence said it was providing 114 personnel, including drivers and support staff, to carry out non-emergency driving work.

The number of Army ambulances being provided is unspecified.

According to the Scottish Ambulance service they have:

around 1 500 vehicles and over 5000 staff and 1200 volunteers.

So, the Army will be increasing the ambulance service staffing by 1.8%.

Colonial Governor Alister Jack thinks this make the Union worthwhile, imagining imperial ambulances crossing the Tweed to help. Wouldn’t an independent Scotland have an army and a few army ambulances?

5 thoughts on “Two or three UK Army ambulances expected to cross the Tweed later today to add only 1.8% in ‘crisis’

  1. The ‘British Army’ ambulances situation reminds me of the old adage “What’s thine is mine, and what’s mine is me own”.
    Scotland presumably doesn’t have their own armed personnel, except when there is conflict, and they’re on the frontline pretty damn quick, then.
    The Union dividend in open sight!

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  2. ‘Union and Westminster more important than ever’. If that’s not classic propaganda speak I don’t know what is. It tells us nothing, but attempts to instill fear in the mainly older population.
    It’s more important than ever that Scotland escapes the so called ‘union’ and ‘Westminster’ before they get a chance to do more damage to the economy with their catastrophic failure in handling Covid effectively and mostly of course, with their BritNat Brexit shambles.

    Westminster is nothing to write home about, it’s the laughing stock of the western world, and has become less important than ever, the English secretary of state for England in Scotland has delusions of grandeur it seems.

    Is the English government really trying to say that Scotland wouldn’t have their own army when independent. The billions of pounds that Scotland is charged by the English government for the military in the UK, could be used to pay for their own army after independence, at least then it might resemble value for money!

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  3. Perhaps if Alister Jack’s “union and Westminster” hadn’t created the problem in the first place, army assistance need not to have been requested by SG, which has damned all to do with Westminster or it’s flouncing SoSS.

    Only once unshackled from these flag waving idiots can we tackle the diverse problems with which Scotland has to contend as part of Brexit and Plague Island.

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  4. Of course it’s propaganda. The military personnel will provide ‘ non emergency services ‘ like patient transfer etc. 2/3 or 4 ambulance aren’t going to make much difference there.

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