Scottish infection level falling fast to become lowest in UK again

After a surge in cases due in part to increased testing in schools, the Covid-19 infection level in Scotland has plummeted over the last week.

Wales now has the highest level and England looks like surging again in the wake of their decision to give up on PCR testing for arrivals in the country.

BBC Scotland has not noticed this and BBC Wales has no agenda to damage the reputation of their Labour government.

4 thoughts on “Scottish infection level falling fast to become lowest in UK again

  1. Anyone, no matter their place of residence deserves sympathy if they are infected by Covid19. However, such sympathy is not expressed by the Scottish media when the Scottish rate ‘soars’. Indeed, it seems grounds for chortling and feigned anger at the SG. In periods when the Scottish data have been relatively ‘poorer’ than the UK this has been emphasised, but, the great majority of the time the various data relating to Scotland have generally been pretty good compared to the rest of the UK.

    When that is pointed out to the unionists they either dismiss it with “it’s not significantly better” or “it is pretty bad compared to places like Norway” or whichever country can be used to make an adverse comparison.

    It is a variation on the ‘Scotland is no very good’ trope of 2014. It is a colonialist mindset and, in our media we have the colonialist Scots, who are akin to the locals in India, various African and Caribbean states who eschewed their own nationality and adopted a “British” one. The Ugandan Asians saw how “British” they were considered, although Ms Priti Patel, a child of Ugandan Asians has adopted a similar baleful and contemptuous mindset.

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  2. Off topic, but, it illustrates a similar tactic by the media to indicate how bad Scotland is. On the BBC Business page there is a report about a major error by the DWP which resulted in many WASPI women losing out even more. It is a genuinely newsworthy story. AND IT IS A UK STORY.

    However, this story also appears on the BBC Scotland page. It does NOT appear on the UK, England, Northern Ireland or Wales pages.

    An editorial decision must have been made to place it on the Scotland page to imply SG incompetence.

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  3. I suspect the opening of schools in England will also be having an effect on numbers. Same happened in Scotland when our schools opening a month ago – you’d have thought the UK/English government would have learnt from it… !

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