Conservative Party activist’s Glasgow franchise denies 24 workers minimum wage

Mooboo in St Enoch Shopping Centre, run by J Ren, a franchise owned by self-described ‘British Tamil and Conservative party active member’ Adrian Chan, failed to pay 24 staff the minimum wage:

Mooboo Bubble Tea faces outrage after asking workers to do unpaid work  before being considered for job | Glasgow Times

Mooboo Bubble Tea was condemned in 2017 for expecting workers to do unpaid work before being considered for a job:

What is it, we don’t wonder, that attracts this kind of businessman to the Conservative Party’s values?

5 thoughts on “Conservative Party activist’s Glasgow franchise denies 24 workers minimum wage

  1. With the venal removal of the £20 ‘uplift’ in Universal Credit, workers on minimum wage – and the majority of Universal Credit recipients are in work, and many have children – will have to work an additional 9 hours to recover that £20.

    This is due to the complexity of Universal Credit and the various ‘caps’ and ‘tapers’, which mean that any gain in income results in losses of benefits elsewhere.

    If someone is under 23 with the smaller minimum wage, even more hours will have to be worked.

    Contrast that with the nasty Denise Coffey’s (Cabinet Minister) dismissive statement that it requires 2 hours extra work to recoup. A blatant lie. With a minimum wage of just under £10 per hour, it does, indeed mean that just over 2 hours work earns £20, but that is before deductions and consequent ‘adjustments’ to other items.

    This lie was exposed by BBC Radio 4’s ‘Moneybox’ programme. BBC Scotland, of course, has ignored it.

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  2. Will someone please explain why the average Scottish worker has to work 53 hrs/ week just to produce the same as a Irish worker can do in 38 hrs
    Big clues
    Ireland Independent
    Irish productivity growing at over 5% PA
    UK productivity can’t even achieve such growth in 15 yrs
    In 10 yrs time if current trends continue
    The average Irish citizen will be 2× wealthier than a Scot
    Yes most definitely we are better together
    Get this ridiculous idea of Indy out of our
    Stupid heads
    After all nothing like becoming poorer is their
    Starving and freezing in the land of plenty is not a option but a necessity for us all
    This is a party political broadcast brought to you by The Stark Raving Mad
    Nasty Tories
    Whose motto is Honesty is the best policy

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  3. Boris—“higher paid jobs”.

    The reality—poverty wages, low productivity and exploitation.

    The UK, under the Tories is “levelling off”–with the third world.

    Sweat shops, sweating assets, rich Oligarchs funding Boris & Co and casino capitalism.
    Brexit reality, and what was ALWAYS the planned outcome.

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  4. No wonder there are so few of them. Tory members on average over 70 and male. The Tories are killing off their own members. Life expectancy in the south going down. Tories members rate Johnston -3. Johnston -30. Any lead going down.

    The cost of living going up the standard of living going down. Austerity and Brexit. Johnston off causing trouble in the US, UK/US now arming Australia with over priced nuclear. What a waste. What an absolute disgrace. What will happen to the waste? An affront to the human race. Tory users and abusers. There is going to be an election ahead. Someone else will have to clear up their mess as usual. Losers.


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