School absence due to Covid falls for 13th week in a row to 2.9%

Absence due to Covid outbreaks in schools is now only 2.9% of possible attendances.

Absence due to eternal factors such as exclusion, ‘plugging’ or ‘dogging’ and going to Spain with your parents, remain at a steady 8%. The opposition parties have yet to blame the SNP for this.

5 thoughts on “School absence due to Covid falls for 13th week in a row to 2.9%

  1. I would imagine DRossie plunked the school a LOT.

    I suspect Cauld-Ham was still peeing his pants when he was 10.

    Didn’t Daddy Starwars OWN a school?

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    1. It seems he was a bullying scumbag at school and developed that persona into his working life. Once we come out of the back end of Britishness, he will be the fecal output of empire, I look forward to this particular kernal of sweetcorn being specifically picked out of the shite and held to account.

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