Only 2% witness Army ambulances

soldier in ambulance

From a sample of 99 responses to a twitter poll running all day today, only 2 indicated that they had seen an Army ambulance.

It’s not clear from any official announcement, just how many ambulances will be deployed with the roughly 100 soldiers.

In February 2021, in a similar poll, with 557 respondents, we found that only 0.5% had been vaccinated by a soldier.

There are reasonable grounds, it seems, for describing these ‘bring in the Army’ initiatives as more propaganda than anything else.

soldier in ambulance

4 thoughts on “Only 2% witness Army ambulances

  1. I am sure that BBC Scotland will be more than willing to show our brave lads out in an Army Ambulance just to spite you.

    Ok, the clip may well be in black and white and looks suspiciously like a clip from “Ice cold in Alex” with a John Mills lookalike driving it. But Glenn Campbell will, I am sure, reassure any doubters, that it is in fact Ayr beach.

    BBC Scotland are an honest and truthful bunch and well worth the sponsorship they receive from the Scotland Office.

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  2. Unionists out gunned.

    Demanded Nicola bring in the Army. She did. That shut them out. Gave the personnel something to do. A few on Scottish soil. Scotland pays too much for Trident and Defence. That could be better spent on the ambulance service/NHS £Billion.

    The £Trillions wasted on illegal wars and nuclear. Blowing the world to bits. Not very green after all. More green between the eyes. Totally incompetent the Unionist parties, especially in Scotland.


  3. Charlie given a replica Robert Bruce sword. Donations for honours. The biggest consuming tax evaders on the planet lecturing others. The illegal Labour Party Lord Lieutenant. Supporting Tories. Mismanaging the Robert Bruce legacy in the City. Wasting £200 Million on empty shops and offices. Corrupt projects. The absolute mess in the City. Against the public’s wishes and against the public interest. £Billion in debt.

    Refused a gift of £80million to regenerate and pedestrianise the City Centre. Now the biggest mess enfolding. A total midden.

    Robert Bruce supported and fought for Independence.

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