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  1. Scotland is in great peril being shackled to their ever more right wing dysfunctional neighbour, the future does not look good, in fact it looks VERY bad, if Scotland does not escape the so called union, and vaote for independence.
    It could go either way, Brexit will turn more people to independence due to the catastrophic economic consequences wrought upon our country, or it will do the opposite because the British Nationalist government will go full on project fear telling people they must stay in their dreadful union to put food on the table and keep the lights on. Weall know that to stay in the UK is going to be disastrous, just look at the calibre of selfish, greedy, dangerous, uncaring, far right wing at the helm at Westminster, brrrrrrrr!

    To even contemplate power cuts for the coming winter, has got to be the most frightening prospect, and we all know when the Tories say ‘there will be no power cuts’, that means it is very likely that is exactly what will happen, almost a given in fact.

    The BritNats’ vision for their dysfunctional UK? It has nothing to do with morality, humanitarianism, or anything that you’d expect of a ‘rich’ ‘country’, it’s about run away capitalism, and disaster capitalism, where the people are simply collateral, and in particular Scotland, which is their cash cow, and store for their WMD’s.

    Independence is about the economy, and Scotland is being held back by the BritNats at WM, who take Scotland’s revenues, (which are massive) and send a few crumbs back, with added contempt to boot! It cannot continue.

    It is about whether a government functions in a moral and ethical way, ensuring the best for all of their people, which in fact most people ultimately want of their government in Scotland. We certainly see the opposite to that in the EngUKGov, which is why Scotland needs independence, I just hope it’s not already too late.


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