99.9% of parents have faith in Glasgow Hospital

The Herald today

In the Herald today:

Many parents whose children were treated at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital have lost faith in it as a safe place for them to be cared for and want answers over what went wrong, an inquiry has heard.

The Scottish Hospitals Inquiry began hearing evidence on Monday into problems at two flagship Scottish hospitals that contributed to the deaths of two children.


How many parents will give evidence to the public inquiry into safety of children at the Glasgow hospital?

According to BBC Scotland, two deaths have been linked to the the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. I’m guessing that makes four parents, two at least groomed by Scottish Labour to believe there had been neglect.


The deaths were in 2017, 4 years ago. The QEUH opened in 2015, 6 years ago.

How many children have been treated since then? The QEUH has 244 paediatric beds and could thus have treated more than 1 500 children in that period with around 3 000 parents there to either have or to lose faith in the hospital.

So ‘many parents’ is really single figures in crude terms and roughly 0.1%.

So, to our knowledge, 99.9% of parents have faith in these hospitals?

7 thoughts on “99.9% of parents have faith in Glasgow Hospital

  1. This sort of headline is deliberately intended to put FEAR into prospective patients ! It is appalling and contemptible – as are the politicians and media ( Yes , you Herald and BBC Shortbread ) who constantly feed this contrived crisis !

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  2. Good that the Enquiry has begun, that the Herald should quote only portions of Steve Love QC’s opening remarks as opportunity to platform the Milly Main, ventilation/fungal infection assertions is neither helpful to the public nor frankly honest.
    The only valid portion of the entire piece was outlining the remit “It is investigating the construction of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) campus in Glasgow and the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People and Department of Clinical Neurosciences in Edinburgh.”

    I suspect most look forward to the independent findings, not the media using it as excuse to rerun their nonsense again.

    The last bout of publicity caused such embarrassment to the incontinent pigeon community they all went on high fibre diets. So if you hear what sounds like a distant gunshot with an almost simultaneous rooftile disintegrate nearby, it may just be another pigeon going for Mach 1.
    Be careful out there.

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  3. I was treated once at the QEUH and required an overnight stay. I was very satisfied with the experience and treatment. I could see pigeons on the roof from the window of my room, but I can see pigeons on the roof of the block opposite through my kitchen window and there were pigeons in most places as the bus took me home from the City Centre.

    Every city in Europe which I have visited has pigeons, but, according to Scottish Labour only the ones in the Shieldhall area of Glasgow are ‘lethal’ and, were probably released by ‘thae SNP’.

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    1. Labour conference on Saturday.
      Used to be some big hitters from Scotland–not so much these days.
      Starwars down for his orders, and Union Jock Murray pretending to be a “socialist” (or is that a sweary word these days?).
      No doubt all the slavering Brit Nat “journalists” from the “Scottish” media will be there, clapping like seals–no questions asked, though.
      Attack the Tories? Don’t be daft.
      The “enemy” are those who want Scottish self-government–the Keir Hardie brigade you could call them!

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