Why do the English vote Tory? Blame the Romans and the Church of England?

Rumours of Macwhirter’s demise are clearly only mostly true. The cantankerous one, on this occasion, does ask the obvious question of Brown’s plain daft suggestion that England is progressive.

Boy do they prefer the Tories, even under the wholly dysfunctional neo-BNP Johnson regime:

I’ve often wondered how we/they got to this point where working-class English folk in the South vote against their economic interests.

I’ve just finished:

In it, he makes an interesting suggestion based on these two maps:

The Church of England and its affluent middle-class, business-oriented, individualist, ‘superior’ (to the Northerners and Celts) emerged in the same area as the similar, Romanised, villa-based society in Roman Britain 1 000 years before.

Conservative vote is strongest in those same, contemporary, affluent, business-oriented, individualist areas where the working-class believe they too are superior to the Northerners and Celts.


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8 thoughts on “Why do the English vote Tory? Blame the Romans and the Church of England?

  1. Why , indeed , do the English vote Tory ?
    Perhaps too many working class English have the aspirations to be just like their ”betters” ?
    For so long in English literature and , particularly in the 20th C cinema and TV , the working classes have been shown ”their place ” , while all the while the Government , the Military , the Law , the Church etc … have all been seen to be the natural province of their ”betters” .
    Perhaps by voting Tory many believe ( mistakenly ) that some of ‘the magic’ will rub off on them and they too can lord it over their fellows ?

    Or perhaps many are just politically stupid ?

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  2. I have often thought, the “Britain” of the Tory Shires IS Roman Britain. That “they” were civilised while the rest were left as barbarians. That the Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Normans were fudged into that narrative.
    “England” was somehow the bastion of Romanisation, especially the south. The rest of Britain/Europe/the World, were in the outer darkness, only relieved by the light of God, Empire, the Queen and London.

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  3. I’ve experienced the “looking down the nose at me” when I had a temporary secondment to work in BBC London in 1990s. Even from people I would have classed as working class, all aspiring to become like the hooray Henrys yuppies earning millions in the City

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  4. It’s the aspiration, stupid! States-side, the desire to ‘get on’ is ubiquitous, but not steeped in class/language/ education& speech patterns as much as in Englandshire-the back-story of non-white Tory Cabinet Ministers shows as much- aspiration’s fine, the English variant? not so much…

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  5. This matter completely perplexes the most eminent of historians
    Especially when the rancid Brexit is added to England,s pot of soup
    All agree that it shall end up in complete tragedy but are at a complete loss as to how it shall be explained as the irreversible consequences arise and unfold through history
    The break up of the Union,economic collapse, Even English civil war and a fall into the pit of no redemption for a very very long time
    What perplexes them is this
    How did so few of the elite get so many of the common people to walk down this path of terminal decline
    Rationality most certainly does not apply
    And that is what is bothering them


  6. My parents always said the Tory voting working class, and too many do even in NE England, voted Tory because they thought it made them better somehow, of course turkeys voting for xmas is an accurate description.


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