On the back of Scotland again

Scotland produces THREE times as much energy as UK from renewables!

On the Marr show this morning, Alok Sharma, COP 26 president, boasts of the UK’s achievements in renewable energy production. Neither he nor Uncle Tam Marr note that 25% of the UK’s production comes from Scotland despite only having 8% of the population.

At the start of 2020, Scotland had 11.8 gigawatts (GW) of installed renewable electricity capacity, which produced approximately 25% of total UK renewable generation (119,000 GWh).

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renewable_energy_in_Scotland: “BEIS Energy Trends – Renewables”. UK Government. 26 March 2020. Retrieved 15 April 2020.

Will that get a mention at COP 26?

Will this?

Scotland has risen up the rankings of European countries that produce electricity from renewables – with the latest available figures placing Scotland in the top three.

Scottish Government figures for 2020 show 97% of electricity in Scotland is gleaned from renewable sources. According to European figures, in 2019, only Norway and Iceland produced more electricity from renewables than Scotland.

Other nations behind Scotland in the table include Sweden, Denmark and Germany. It also puts Scotland way ahead of the UK as a whole, as it produces just 35% of electricity from renewables.

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13 thoughts on “On the back of Scotland again

  1. But sMARRmy felt able to raise the Scottish Health Service, covid and hospitals—as a ganger to COP 26—- without being bothered to reference Scotland’s transition from a carbon economy to renewables.

    The usual poor show from a publicly funded broadcaster.
    Defund the BEEB!

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    1. I noticed that as well always get a SNP Bad into his show………….

      I don’t if anyone watched Martin Geissler on the next program he had the new Tory health person Dr **** if I heard right he said he was taking 80 calls a day now give him 10 minutes a call =800 minutes =13 plus hours so where does he get the time to be MSP maybe someone could watch and see if I am right in what he said I can’t as I don’t pay the lience.

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  2. Not to mention that greatest of all carbon sinkers
    And Scotland / head of population plants 17 times more than England
    Yes folks 17 times more
    And when we on the subject
    China is planting 300 Billion trees in by far the largest ever carbon sinking exercise
    Tree planting in history
    But Mar and the Tory rattled on about how bad China is
    They would be wise to keep their traps shut as China almost single handed has cornered the car battery market and once a development deal with Afghanistan implemented they will have their hands on the planets largest source of Lithium which is crucial to battery production
    China has openly stated that they will become world leaders and dominate all forms of renewable energy technologies
    Recently they installed the Worlds largest tidal generator
    But wait for it
    In order to do so they had to engage Scottish expertise to design it 100 %
    For a moment just think if we were Indy
    The deals in tidal technologies and construction we could have developed in partnership,as currently Scotland is by far world leaders in this field by a mile
    But once more due to the greed and crass stupidy of Westminster that lead is being thrown away
    Why because England does not want any to know of what i speak of here
    Fools never ever learn
    But a massive Yes vote and soon will give them the biggest lesson they have ever had since Bannockburn
    The trouble with them is they rather like what Freddie Mercury sung
    “I Want it All “

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    1. Peatlands are huge carbon sinks, Scotland has The Flow Country up in Caithness, which was being restored a couple of years ago, (now stopped) partly with EU money, since it was drained in the 80’s as a tax evasion scheme set up by the English government, for the rich and famous and even more rich the royals. They offset (evaded) tax by planting pine tress, (acid loving plants) so drained our peatlands to do that. The Flow country area is absolutely vast, it is ten metres deep and is a haven for specific wildlife. It still needs money to restore it and keep it from deteriorating, and, it needs full and permanent World Heritage Status protection, but guess who has to ‘approve’ that? Yep, the EngGov. So it’s been on the tentative list since 2012, it has all criteria in place to be awarded WHS, but no, it has limited protection under UK/Eng rule. It’s a massive carbon sink…
      Trees are incredibly important to CO2 reduction, but planting trees is not our only solution.



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      1. Artyhetty
        I concur 100 % and i well aware of the situation re The Flow Country
        If the world 30 odd years ago implemented the advice to raise taxation in the developed world by just 0.01 %
        To set up a fund for massive tree planting
        Mostly in the 3rd world then we not be currently staring extinction in the face
        But such is the stupidity of Homo Sapiens and its system of governance
        We have spent over 3 % of GDP on terrorism in the same time
        All with cataclysmic consequencies
        There is a philosophical school of thought that states
        ” If a civilisation finds a way to destroy itself , then that is exactly what it shall do ”
        This Now looks omnisously like the theory shall become fact as we continue to burn fossil fuels only discovered in our most recent history
        We are only a single species at the apex of a great pyramid of evolutionary development, little aware that most of our actions remove the great building blocks of other species that support us from below
        Such will cause this block to fall the fastest from its peak upon the top
        Only to be covered by the sands of time as any surviving evolve to adapt
        The one sure thing to bring about extinction is rapid environmental change
        And the most effective tool in such forces is fast climate change
        Which mankind is extremely very poorly genetically, biologically and evolutionary equipped to deal with
        Our fate is sealed ( almost )


    2. Thanks for this information premieroneuk. Much appreciated. I knew that China has colossal area of solar panels also. They also ad you mentioned have most of the worlds rare earth resources such a cobalt, lithium, antimony and many others.


      1. andyfromdunning
        Thank you
        I partake on a daily basis the English speaking Chinese media
        I know it is as all nations report rather one sided but one learns how to filter such out reality from propaganda
        This is of the highest importance as far as the West concerned
        President Xi called all the mover and shakers to a summit in April the purpose of which was to inform them that given China now has covid firmly undercontrol
        And the economy had recovered if full according to the rearranging of priorities
        And in fact was growing faster than anticipated
        That meanwhile the West and the US in particular had failed abysmally in control of covid,resulting in serious economic long term damage along with their misguided nonsense of build back better
        That China has now been presented with a open goal to finally bring a end the malign influence of post colonial neo liberal policies.
        Therefore and for this comment only I give you what was told to 2 of the 6 areas invovled
        1.Science and technology
        All to be revised to produce centres of excellence in all areas,particularly green technologies and ares of enhanced highly productive advanced manufacturing
        Military all as above but with the caveat that no stone was to be left unturned
        And unlimited resources would be given
        All so that never ever again shall any post colonial or foreign power ever has any influence on the peoples of China and its affairs
        Results of such are now pouring forth
        At breathtaking speed
        For example 1 year hence China will design, construct,launch and commission
        More Capitol Naval vessels than the entire Royal Navy currently has
        China already has the largest Naval force globally with 352 no.fully operational capitol fighting warships
        One of the big clues is that China sooner than expected will bring back into the fold its Sovereign island of Taiwan
        A comment from 1 of China,s leading defence experts openly stated when Trump flagged up that America was considering opening a Embassy in Taipei
        and the statement was along these lines
        ” If the US thinks China will not bring Taiwan back then they are stupid beyond all belief,and as soon as act upon opening
        A embassy China will consider such as a act of war,which China will declare a full total war upon America and any of it allies and such shall be upon unconditional surrender and all that entails
        Does America believe that they can send their sons and daughters to prevent this
        Because if they do then they better have at the very least one million body bags to
        Bring their fallen home


    3. “Not to mention that greatest of all carbon sinkers…. TREES” gave me a Liz Truss flashback, please don’t do that again…


  3. ‘According to European figures, in 2019, only Norway and Iceland produced more electricity from renewables than Scotland.’ Interesting to note that they are both small INDEPENDENT countries.


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