Just rubbish from a Tory MSP who seems to have time for two big well-paid jobs plus media appearances

Demand for GPs is double what it was before the pandemic and the situation is likely to worsen, a doctor-turned-MSP has told BBC Scotland.

Dr Sandesh Gulhane, a Scottish Conservative MSP and GP, said he had 80 “patient contacts” on Monday.

Pre-Covid he would see about 40 in one day. The current levels are “not safe, not sustainable”, he said.


Is that all you need for a BBC Scotland headline? One opposition politician? One day?

BBC Editorial Guidelines on reporting statistics:

3.3.8 We should reserve the same scepticism for statistics as we do for facts or quotes and not necessarily take numbers at face value. When our output includes statistics, we should explain the numbers clearly, put them into context, weigh, interpret and, where appropriate, challenge them, present them clearly and attribute them. The statistics must be accurate and verified where necessary, with important caveats and limitations explained. We should use a range of evidence to put statistical claims into context and help audiences to judge their magnitude and importance. Where claims are wrong or misleading, they should be challenged.


Scepticism? Verified? Caveats? Range? Context? None of those.

It’s been a while since I complained. Another coffee and I might.

4 thoughts on “Just rubbish from a Tory MSP who seems to have time for two big well-paid jobs plus media appearances

  1. I heard the intro and switched it off. It was as if Martin Geisler was being a warm-up man at the Conservative Party conference. And the line, “Dr Gulhane is speaking as a GP and not as a politician.” Mr Geisler’s nose promptly grew 4 inches (not 10cm, since we are to return to IMPERIAL measures!)

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  2. How on earth can a Doctor be dealing with patients and be attending Holyrood at the same time. That is impossible. Another 3rd loser on the list. Money for nothing and the clips are not free. It is just disgraceful. The Tories cut NHS funding. They have increased NI to fund it. The poorer will pay for it. Instead of through a progressive tax system.

    The BBC report minority healthcare cases. When NHS is supported 99.9%. Nearly a quarter of tax revenues raised in the UK go to funding the NHS.

    An elderly lady lay in her home for a weekend. Even through concerned relatives, friends and neighbours were checking up on her. 36 years ago, The Police had to put the door in. Another elderly man was ill in his flat. Despite relatives phoning and visiting to check on him. 35 years ago. The Police had to put the door in. A man was dead in his flat despite friends, neighbours and relatives checking and being concerned. 21 years ago. The Police had to put the door in. It was not the fault of the NHS. They had to care for them.


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