Lord Jack McConnell misses the target

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Lord McConnell surfaces to try to blame the SNP for ‘the cancer of sectarianism’ after 12 years in power.

That’s a good one.

Doesn’t the root go further back and to other parties? See this:

Needless to say, Orange and predominantly Protestant Labour-voting communities had to be treated with similar tact [to catholic communities], well illustrated by Dennis Canavan’s experience in Falkirk in 1974 and, later, by the ‘Sam Campbell Affair’ in Midlothian in 1986 (the latter a Labour councillor who made anti-Catholic remarks at an Orange demonstration, for which he was disciplined by the party, but not expelled).


or this:

Falkirk Council to cover Orange Order march costs worth thousands of pounds

Critics say the Orange Order arguably has a religious and political message.

A SCOTS council at the centre of a row over funding to the Orange Order is to provide thousands of pounds worth of assistance to other Loyalist parades.

The leadership of Labour-run Falkirk Council has blamed a “new position adopted by Police Scotland” over the handling of traffic issues at marches for its decision to cover the costs of a major Orange event in the town next month.


or this more recently:

Police chief: Scottish football ‘in crisis’ – and repeal of Offensive Behaviour Act is to blame. A leading figure in the Scottish Police Federation has claimed the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act (OBFA) [by Labour and the other unionist parties] is partly to blame for the rise in disorder at Scottish matches.


Even more obvious Jack, this lot, the Conservative and Unionist Party:

And it’s not just him. It’s part of their ‘culture’:

NEW Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has become embroiled in a sectarianism row after one of her party’s Holyrood staff posted song lyrics on Twitter glorifying Northern Irish terrorist group, the Ulster Volunteer Force.

Colin James Taylor, who is employed at the public’s expense in the Tory Press and Research Unit (PRU) at Holyrood, also referred to Celtic Football Club as “tims” on the popular blogging website.


There’s more:

Ruth Davidson has defended her decision to reinstate two Conservative councillors who posted anti-Catholic and racist tweets.

Alastair Majury and Robert Davies were both suspended shortly after being elected to Stirling Council in May.

Mr Majury tweeted in 2012: “Why is the Catholic Church against birth control? Because they’ll run out of children to molest.”


I’ll stop there. I feel a bit queasy.

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16 thoughts on “Lord Jack McConnell misses the target



      1. Perhaps replying to Robert in majuscules (to give uppercase characters their Sunday name) isn’t your best move Prof?

        Despite your gentle nudgings, he clearly isn’t one for subtleness.

        So here’s the deal Robert, all uppercase on the web is considered SHOUTING and/or RUDE. There’s nothing wrong with the odd word, or phrase being capitalised for EMPHASIS; but otherwise it just suggests you’re either permanently angry or you’re an eejit.

        Please, please & pretty please, lay off the caps lock!

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  2. The oldest trick in the book of all colonial masters
    Divide and Rule
    Then hope that those you have managed to divide start fighting each other
    Why because they are no longer fighting the master
    Believe me that ever should they succeed in opening up real divisions
    Then very quickly all efforts will switch to making sure the divided factions go to war with each other
    We have one and one only foe and that is our oppressive,corrupt,lying,robbing colonial masters
    And that goes for every single one of us
    Let us rid ourselves of these divisive forces

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  3. This is the same Jack who when FM – “McConnell claimed we had “moved a long way in the last 30 years”, but said new measures were “crucial”.” ?
    So now he is now “accusing SNP of allowing the “cancer” of sectarianism to grow in Scotland” https://democratonline.net/2018/07/09/orange-walks-2/ ? Hmm… An interesting article though.

    A strange perspective from McConnell given Labour hadn’t stamped it out despite decades as the dominant political force in Scotland long before Holyrood sprang into being, or Robert McIntyre MP cause Labour panic in 1945.

    Yet it is his concept of the “cancer” growing which is the hardest to fathom despite the numerous “Mason Boyne” headstones, Orange is the new blue in reality yet Labour orchestrated the repeal of Offensive Behaviour Act…

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  4. SNP to blame for sectarianism , Jack ?

    Was it the SNP who organised an ”Orangefest” in George Square , Glasgow in June 2015 ?
    The Labour administration , despite a 20,000 person petition from the public condemning this event , supported this display of naked sectarianism .

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  5. There is a lot to be critical of in this, but I would cut McConnell a wee bit of slack. Back in 2007 I was a trustee for an organization, funded by the then Labour/ Lib Dem Scottish Government to run a project against bigotry in Scottish football (football was the hook to get it noticed). By the time the project got off the ground they had lost power to the SNP. Two recollections from this time are relevant
    1. we had a major launch event at Hampden where all the club chairman signed an anti-bigotry statement on a big board so the press could get their photies (well I say all, that’s not quite true – two were missing, but that’s another story – one of them, I was advised had been in touch with the SFA to get the whole project stopped). We wanted the new FM, Mr Salmond, to attend since his predecessor, plain Mr McConnell had agreed to attend this event even when there was no date, some time ago. It was made clear to us that Mr Salmond would attend only if we could guarantee the presence of a large number of HM’s press.
    2. some months later, having run the project we applied for further funds. It was fairly closely modelled on “Red Card” (the project worker had worked for them previously) and beside things like putting coasters into pubs with anti bigotry messages, the main event was to get the players to demonstrate their opposition to bigotry before a match on a specific Saturday. The additional funds would have paid for a phone number for fans to report bigotry as well as work to keep the message in the public eye. Typically, I suppose we were offered slightly less money, which we objected to. Eventually we were negotiating for the funds we did want, but then Manchester happened, and all funds for work being done against bigotry were stopped (so not just us, but Nil by Mouth as well for instance). Unbelievably – and I still struggle to this day given what I wrote about in point 1 – the Scottish Government decided to put all this money through the SFA to allocate. For us – having embarrassed them the previous year – there was nothing.
    So, John there are few clean hands with this one, but McConnell did treat the issue seriously on a personal level, was supportive and sincere. I wish I could say that about all the others (for the avoidance of doubt some club chairmen were great)


    1. Why are these Marches not just banned. They are banned all over Scotland by the Councils and the Police. Even in predominately Protestant areas. People will not put up with them. Scotland is increasingly secular. The membership is in decline. They will eventually die out. About time.

      It is illegal to let bigots, racists and misogynists parade in the streets. The central best shame. The Organisation is not equal or fair. Not everyone can join. They blackball people and should not be funded by public monies. Public monies should not be used to Police them. They should be banned.

      The number of Orange marches in Glasgow is unbelievable. Destroying the local economy and trying to intimidate people. Along with some sporting clubs. Not very sporting. Or fair play. Just total bigotry. Ruining the market. Unequal and unfair.

      Not open to everyone to join. Although who would want to. Brainwashed from the day they are born. Secret societies of exceptionalism. Illegal and unfair. If they want to parade about. They should do in a field or somewhere private at their own expense. Illegal organisations should not be tolerated. The Law should be enforced. Secret Societies have no place in a modern economy. It is a disgrace. The handshake and wink are totally outdated, illegal and blatantly anti business.

      The Churches have privileges above the Law. The equal opportunities and employment Laws. Scotland is predominantly secular. 51%. 30% Protestant. 15% Catholics. None practising. 2% Muslim. Other. The Churches are in decline. Closing down. An elderly ladies congregation. Women live five years longer than men, worldwide. They cannot join the Orange Lodge, unequal and unfair. Women are not equal. People are blackballed. Bigoted, misogynist and racist. Predominately male. Illegal and unfair. A public disgrace. Why should 30% (non practising). dominated and intimidate the rest.

      McConnell in the House of Lords is part of it. Colluding in the system. Royalty are part of it. At the head. The Garter carry on. Extending the privilege and illegally interfering in the political system. Trying to keep it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Corrupt UK Gov. McConnell is culpable but blames others who not not support the system. The corrupt House of Lords. Unaccountable and non elected. Passing the buck. Taking the eye off the ball of political corruption.


  6. “Its the grand Old Firm we play for,
    Its the grand old ways we support,
    Labour n’ Tory history,
    Just love the sectarian sport,
    We dont care what the pooolice say, what the feck do we care.
    ’cause we only know there going to be a show, and the Brit Nat Boys will be there”!!!!


  7. A failed Maths teacher cannot count. The wife Labour patronised for top jobs. Nepotism. Labour in Scotland. Fifty years of Labour. The McCrone Report. The illegal wars and wasted monies. £Trns that could have been better spent. People in Scotland voted Labour to keep out the Tories. Which one was worse? To impoverish Scotland. The Barnett Formula. The Unionist Scottish Office collusion in destroying the Scottish economy. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years. Fifty years of Labour unionist collusion at Westminster. Instead of standing up for the people and the voters. Out voted at Westminster 10 to 1. The recent Vow reneged. 2014. Just another example of unionist collusion. To try and fool the biters and peopkebin Scotland.

    The UK economy in decline. The cost of living going up. The standard of living going down. Life expectancy in the south going down. The Westminster unionists trying to pull Scotland down with it. Time to abandon the sinking ship, Westminster poor, bad decisions. Increasingly a majority in Scotland do not want to be part of it. Time is running out.

    Time to go. To stop Westminster appalling policies, unequal and unfair, destroy the world. To help restore Democracy. Instead of trying to destroy it. The UK the most unequal place in the world. Non cohesive and unhappy.

    An illegal criminal UK Gov. Breaking International Laws with impunity, They break the Laws that they make to line their own and their associates pockets. Privilege and access to public monies for donations. Public monies misused and misappropriated by tax evaders. Graft and corruption, Breaking every Law and rule in the book. A public disgrace. They will be held accountable and voted out. They are an embarrassment.


  8. Labour collusion with Westminster. To try and fool the voters in Scotland. Holyrood. D’Hond’t. Imposed on Scotland, without a mandate, to give unionists unfair advantage. The list. A million votes go in the bin to let 3rd losers in. Three jobs losers. Abusing the public purse. Non accountable. Unequal and unfair,

    The UK Union, Scotland was never treated equally. The terms of the Treaty of Union. Tory candidates for Holyrood they wish to destroy. Unbelievable. Milking the public purse. What a bunch of charlatan hypocrites and loyalists. The old handshake. To give unfair advantage.


  9. Ireland was illegally Partitioned by Lloyd George. 1923. If the Irish gad waited 5 years. They could have voted for Home Rule/ Independence. Universal Suffrage 1928, The way Ireland has been treated by Westminster unionists is diabolical. Beyond belief. There was a major, mass Home Rule movement in Ireland in the 19th century. Led by Protestant Landowner’s. The Catholic’s had no rights. Same in Scotland. Rebellion brutally put down. Ireland impoverished by unrelieved famine and migration.

    US population is 12% descent Irish/Scottish. Enough to swing an election. Both recent Presidents. Irish and Scottish mother’s. The founding father Scottish. The Declaration at Arbroath. Liberty, equality, fraternity. US, French, Russian revolutions. Influenced by Scottish philosophers. The Enlightenment. Scottish traditions known and admired worldwide. Quite a legacy. A 40 million disporia.

    The illegal Partition of Ireland for unionist votes in NI. The Catholic’s totally discriminated against by the loyalists. The Orange Lodge. The DUP. Catholic’s did not have the vote. In Belfast in the 1960’s. Breaking UK Law, Totally discriminated against. In public housing and jobs. The NI unionists illegally taking all the public housing and public jobs. In some places the Catholic’s did not even have the vote. Belfast. Bernadette Devlin. Protests.

    The illegal Protestant regime supported by the Westminster Gov. Any protest or legitimate dispute put down brutally by the Brutish Army. Breaking UK Law. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. The British unionist act of war.

    The Troubles cost £Billions and lives, NI totally subsidised for the illegal total collusion with Westminster unionists. Brexit now destroying the economy and the peace. The Tories were warned against the ensuing poverty. Thatcher. The Troubles. Unemployment in NI 20%. Inflation and interest rates 16%. Totally subsidised with public monies that could have been better spent. Murder and corruption colluded by the Westminster Gov for unionist votes at Westminster.

    Scotland has gone through the Ballot Box because it could. Not so in N Ireland. Discrimination illegally supported by Westminster chronic interference. Making matters worse. Non democratic.

    There was a major Land league movement in Ireland To access landownership more fairly. To produce more and benefit more people. There was a Home Rule Bill ready to be voted on and passed at Westminster 1914. . Delayed by the 1WW. The Unionists in NI started to illegally arm. Captain Crawford commission a vessel to illegally smuggle arms into NI. Nearly intercepted passing Port Glasgow. The Black and Tans violently put down any protest or revolt. Increasing unrest. Universal Suffrage 1928.

    Demographically Ireland (NI) could vote to reunite. Making people better off in the EU. The DUP support waning. The Republic has had some of the most amazing growth in recent years. The lower cost of living. A higher standard of living. Less poverty and more equality. Supported by the EU bringing up standards.

    The EU/common market established after WW2 to stop starvation and war in Europe.The US Marshall Plan aid relief. The UK just paid off war debt in the 1990’s. Spent more blowing up the world. Killing and maiming Millions. Westminster unionist Foreign policy. Increase Defence funding. Cutting foreign aid. Poor bad decisions destroying the world economy. Austerity and Brexit. Ruining people’s lives. The diabolical. Tory unionist decisions.


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