Quick just lie! Before it’s too late and they’re not the worst

Scotland has had the highest infection rate, since the end of August, but it’s falling very fast so BBC Scotland are going to need to be smart on this to keep it going.

I know, don’t use the actual data based on testing, use the ONS estimates for the period ending 11th September, a week ago, and present them with the word ‘still’ in the headline.

And, tell a big lie:

‘The latest daily figures show 5,529 new cases in the past 24 hours.’

Huge fib. Due to technical issues, no data were released for the 15th so those 5 529 are for the last 48 hours, therefore really low.

And the 87 in ICU? That’s down!

And over the whole pandemic?


The lowest overall infection rate in the UK due to better leadership, NHS and compliance by us? Not in the public interest, Glen, Sarah?

3 thoughts on “Quick just lie! Before it’s too late and they’re not the worst

  1. Off topic, but again illustrates the antiScottish bile and mendacity: Last night as the Real Betis v Celtic match was going on, the BBC Sport website gave updates on that match and the other matches being played. After pegging Celtic back from a 2 goal deficit, Betis then scored another two goals. The BBC headlined this immediately as “Scots capitulate”. This was removed shortly afterwards and replaced with a more objective and less gleeful heading. Celtic (and Rangers) were playing in a European CLUB competition. Both clubs and almost all the other clubs in the competition have a minority of players from the countries in which the clubs are based. Celtic had 3 Scottish players in their starting line-up, Rangers had 1. So, it was not Scots who capitulated – if, indeed, they had capitulated – it was multinational groups of players, who had conceded goals, but were later to pull one back and came close to equalising. Rangers, too, had several opportunities to score agains Lyon.

    This is xenophobia by the BBC.

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  2. ONS never fails to produce fodder for whatever the msm want you to believe.
    Their estimates are extremely doubtful.
    They often announce out of date studies just when boris needs some back up.

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