Infection rate plummets

With only 5 529 cases in the last 48 hours, the 7 day average infection level has fallen to 3 174 from a peak of 6 391 on the 7th. BBC Scotland clearly don’t like the look of this trend and have gone for the ONS estimates for the week before last.

Here are the scot gov data:

Date 7 day average

7             6391

12           5197

13           4793

14           4462

15           4335

16           no data

17           3174

4 thoughts on “Infection rate plummets

  1. Are you sitting comfortably children?
    Mother Beeb Hootsmon will tell you a story.
    Once upon a time, in a far-off country called Scotland, a BAD Queen Sturgeon ruled the land. There was a plague all round, but while Sturgeon kept the country safe, it SEEMED as if things were worse than the Boris Kingdom next door, where although bodies were piled high in the streets, no one could see them. A deposed one-eyed king called down woe on all who could hear him.
    A foreign Wicked witch called Mejah cast a spell, and a BAD, dark cloud hovered over Scotland, making some of the hospitality people sad, and all those who wanted to be Queen in place of Sturgeon whined and danced as if in a mad fit.
    None of the wannabe’s lived happily ever after.

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  2. I think saying the infection rate has plummeted is sending out the wrong message and may result in people relaxing their compliance with the regulations, albeit very light but necessary regulations, that are still in place.

    The number of cases are coming down but the positivity rate is still high – 9.9% today if I remember correctly – and, despite the decreasing number of cases they are still uncomfortably high as we head indoors for winter. As I have said before the situation with this virus can turn on a sixpence and when it does you want it to be from a much lower baseline of case numbers.

    The Unis are just returning, the October school holidays are looming – movement of people into and out of the country – and winter, the time of the great indoors. Not the time to drop your guard. Remain vigilant.

    In the town where I live the number pof case had dropped last week to 72 from a high of 78. Now they have risen again and are at 79. Much, much higher than they were at the peak of the 2nd wave earlier this year. The situation may be improving in places but does not merit the word ‘plumetting’.

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  3. I somehow doubt the public give much credence to figures from BBC or or come to that ONS these days, trust in the expertise available to SG and the conclusions conveyed by the FM, Leitch or Smith are by far the most credible to the majority of Scots whatever their politics.

    There is every reason to expect with England’s schools back (and parents home) a fortnight ago to see Scotland’s levels reduce, albeit with localised flares, but can we leave “plummet” hyperbole to the three wise monkeys of the SG opposition please.

    By the end of September a more stable picture should emerge for Scotland’s condition as an average, and allow targeting of the stubborn peaks.

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