Scotland’s drug deaths: help needed

I’m confused. More numerate readers help me here.

You remember:

Scotland continues to have by far the highest drug death rate recorded by any country in Europe. And its rate is more than three-and-a-half times that of England and Wales.

See this for Scotland:

Note: NRS made it lower at 1339

So, 260 per million overall, 66 per million for the under 35s and 191 per million for the over 35s.

See this for England & Wales:

So, in 2020, 805 per million overall, twice that in Scotland?

What am I missing here?

14 thoughts on “Scotland’s drug deaths: help needed

    1. I’d heard that. How stupid – nobody under, at the youngest, 40 – has any familiarity with Imperial these days. So most of the country won’t have a clue!

      When we changed to metric, all younger people were taught new and the numbers solely understanding Imperial slowly lessened.

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      1. Would not be surprised if we go back to pounds shilling and pence…..
        What a moronic regressive decision, if its true….. so much Tory truth twising going on, i dont belive ANYTHING they say

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    2. This is a diversionary tactic to get people away from the National Insurance increase, the removal of the £20 social credit ‘uplift’, the ‘re-shuffle of the cabinet’ and the general mishandling by Westminster. Do not get into this ruse. All of the machinery of industry and commerce is geared to metric measures.

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  1. The highest rate in any age group is 134.9 per million in the 45 to 49 age group. When you take into account the lower rates in other age groups this reduces the overall rate to 79.5 per million for the population as a whole. Over a third less than in Scotland.


    1. Really? You sure?

      Isn’t it 805 cases overall in a year, per million, in E&W, therefore more than the 259 per million in Scotland?

      Remember the Scottish data is raw and so needs dividing by 5.44 but the E&W data is already per million.

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    2. I’m sorry but no. We are not comparing average rates here but totals per million. Therefore, according to the figures supplied, the overall rate of deaths per million is indeed higher in England. Sadly for all.
      Or, am I missing something?

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  2. Austerity has caused 200 knife deaths in London. 120,000+ premature deaths in the south.

    The UK building more nuclear subs to annoy the Chinese. 1.3Billion people.

    Nuclear rotting hulks dumped in Scotland, without a mandate.

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  3. Help is at hand. MUP is saving lives. £250million (5 years) funding has gone into drug/drink rehab services. To provide proper, total abstinence, one chance counselling facilities. That will cut deaths save lives and monies. Instead of putting people on methadone for years. People take other substances and die. Unionist councils do not provide proper total rehab facilities on social care. They will not fund it properly. That is why a national care service needs to be set up. Unionist councils cannot be trusted to do the right thing.

    Labour did not support MUP or the smoking ban. Blair’s 24/7 drinking Laws did not help. Just killed even more. The illegal wars killed and maimed millions. Ruined the world economy and caused the migration crisis. Foreign Aid has been cut. Leading to more deaths bad destruction.

    The UK/US warmongers are now trying to start trouble with China, 1.3Billion pop, Building and selling nuclear subs to Australia. The US 340million pop. Australia 25million pop. UK population 66million. Total 431Million are not going to win.

    Westminster unionists have been illegally selling arms and polluting the world since the 1960’s. Against International Law and human rights Act. Dumping waste in Scotland illegally without a mandate. EU pop 450Million. Nearest biggest market. CAP payments to ensure food change and supply. Shared Defence costs cut cost. There was more available for healthcare.

    The ‘war on drugs’ is part of the cabal ring. Iraq, US bad UK has the greatest illegal drug use in the world. Killing and maiming people. The East/West divide. Other countries can control it but not the UK Gov. They are involved in the illicit activity. Laundering drug monies for donations and funding. UK banks and tax havens hiding all the illicit profits. The Bankers fund the Tory Party they are complicit.

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  4. Sorry, but I’m afraid those headline figures and dire comparisons with England and Wales are basically correct. You can’t just add up the separate age-specific rates to get an overall rate for the whole population – it’s arithmetically incorrect, so your figure of 805.4 per million for England and Wales is just completely wrong (ONS makes it 79.5, against a figure for Scotland of 245). The basis for the calculations is set out fairly clearly in the publications you quote from the ONS and the Scottish Govt. Figures quoted in various other publications may vary slightly from these because of detailed differences in definitions of a “drug-related” death, adjustments for different age profiles in different populations, and so on – but basically the bad news for Scotland remains very bad.


  5. The figures for E&W are per million i.e. per million within each age group, not per million of the whole population. So you need to take a weighted average across the age groups, rather than just add them up. The weighting applied will be the population in each age group.


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