I don’t know about you but I’ve had a few falls, more with age, and I’ve stopped laughing at other people falling. Campbell’s words above are not directly abusive but they are entirely lacking in empathy.

Yousaf deserves the same consideration as anyone else.

A more humane individual knows how to respond:


14 thoughts on “Psychopathy

    1. Have to slightly disagree James. It is in fact typical of much of (not all, but a lot of it) the Unionist camp. In that sense, Campbell just got there first.
      There is an increasing nastiness to much of the comment from that sort of source. At one level its the customary “Sturgeon” not “First Minister” – how often do we see “Johnson” rather than “Boris Johnson” or “Prime Minister. Dont imagine this doesnt matter. It is a function of their opinion of people (anyone) supporting independence, but the routineness of it influences the opinion of some – often those only casually interested.
      More recently the Herald published the notorious rant by Andrew Dunlop, which John has already commented on, but this isnt about substance but style, so we can learn a good deal from “Could it be that Scotland’s Great Leader “, referring to the First Minister. We learn two things. First that this former adviser to the Prime Minister (not “Cameron”) is a lout. Secondly we learn much about the Herald that it will publish a piece with the kind of vitriol that you can find any day or any time from Jane Lax (just as one example) on Twitter.
      I was going to ask what did Dunlop think he was doing, but he knew fine well – this was an opportunity to attack the FM on a personal level. What followed the above was this “It brought to mind the popular nineties and noughties TV talent show Stars in their Eyes, in which contestants impersonate a showbiz star. “Who are you going to be tonight, Nicola?” “Tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be progressive global icon, Jacinda Ardern”. So a silly wee girl with delusions of grandeur, gazing into the mirror of her dressing table.
      Content wise there is nothing new in what Dunlop wrote. What changed was the tone – the aggression, the hostility level. Perhaps we can take some comfort from Ghandi’s dictum that “first they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”?

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      1. Wholly correct. the BritNat media personalised the previous FM of Scotland, Alex Salmond, as if everything the SNP government was doing and saying, was a personal campaign, including of course independence. The BritNat state are experts at demonising those they want rid of, so make any policy or campaign a personal one, it’s the FM’s project, which makes it appear undemocratic. The other thing they do is make it seem as anything the media via their masters in Westminster, make up about the FM and others in her government, say the Scottish NHS being terrible (lies) is an actual personal attack by the FM and her government, it’s YOU she’s harming, you, you you.

        It works at least in part, in run up to the indy ref in 2014, sigh, friends and family in England said things like, ‘I can’t stand that Alic Salond mind’, when asked ‘why?’, they had no answer, they just hated him! The media demonisied him not just in Scotland, it was UK wide. That is to try manipulate people in general,hoping it has a knock on effect, partly it works.
        Things are going to get much worse next few weeks, we have COP26 to host, can’t have anyone in the ScotGov portrayed as decent, and with integrity, oh no no no.

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        1. Just an aside to one of your points A.H. I was canvassing in 2014, and had just spoken to a resident. He was my last call, and the reply was, ” I hate Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon”. A few minutes later, as our team were collating our results, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the same guy approaching, and wondered what was going to happen. To my surprise, he apologised, saying that his comments were out of order, that he didn’t know either Alex, or Nicola, and he should not have said what he said. Didn’t say he was going to vote Yes either, Altered him to a “Don’t know”.

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  1. I actually have to disagree that Campbell’s tweet is not abusive. Considering that Mr. Yousaf is suffering from a serious injury, I would class it as definitely abusive. It says a great deal about Campbell and about BBC Scotland.

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      1. I believe he acts through sheer terror of Scotland becoming independent because he knows his jacket may be on a shoogily peg professionally, and his neck may be on the end of a rope attached to a much firmer one.

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          1. I’m not saying he should hang, what I am saying is he thinks he will – because he thinks in British terms and it is driving his behaviour.

            Campbell and his ilk are the journalistic equivalent of those Parisian floozies that spent WW2 sucking off Nazis for a pair of tights. And they know it.


  2. Typical man let loose with a gadget, in this case a scooter, goes too fast on a polished floor and comes a cropper. You might laugh but, lots of buts, the man was already injured and the fall could have done further damage therefore the normal reaction would be to find out if he is OK and offer help NOT continue filming and then broadcast it. Being behind a camera or wielding a microphone should not remove you from the normal human reaction to someone in an accident. Too often journalists do excuse their apparent lack of reaction to an incident to the need to get the story out in the public interest but in this case there was no story and certainly not one where the public interest argument could be invoked.

    Prof Sridhar’s reaction was the human/humane response and no doubt she will get pelters for it from the usual suspects.

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  3. If they do go ahead and privatise the ‘institution’, I wonder how many people will actually, voluntarily, pay to watch it.

    Their numbers could plummet even more swiftly…

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