Massive support for SNP/Greens Programme for Government

I’ve already shared the quality reporting of Left Foot Forward, more Corbyn than Starmer/Sarwar and certainly not pro-SNP in any way, just accurate. It’s well worth a look.

In addition, SNP Media have listed these:

Those backing the 2021/22 legislative programme outlined earlier by the First Minister include:

  • RNIB Scotland: Great to see a commitment to replace the Edinburgh Eye Pavilion within the Programme for Government. Well done to all those who have campaigned to protect eye care services, particularly the members of Keep Edinburgh Eye Pavilion (KEEP)
  • CHAS: We welcome the confirmation in today’s #ScotPfG that @scotgov will ensure provision of high‑quality child palliative care, regardless of location, supported by sustainable funding of at least £7 million per year through our services.
  • Good Food Nation Campaign: Delighted to see the Scottish Government recommit to a #GoodFoodNation Bill in the 2021-2022 Programme for Government. The time is now for food system change!
  • Fiona Duncan, Chair, The Promise Scotland: In February 2020, Scottish Government accepted in full the Independent Care Review’s conclusions and, alongside others, made a promise to Scotland’s children and families. This meant that wherever children are safe in their families and feel loved they must stay, and families must be given support together to nurture that love and overcome the difficulties which get in the way. By committing to #KeepThePromise, they promised to do everything in their power to make sure that children and families get all the support they need to thrive – now and in the future. Given the devastating impact of the pandemic, a tangible demonstration of that commitment in Programme for Government to establish a Whole Family Wellbeing Fund is welcome.
  • Home Start Scotland: Delighted by @scotgov announcement of a new £500m whole family wellbeing fund today #ScotPfG This substantial investment in families will take forward @ThePromiseScot and help ensure all children have the chance to flourish.
  • Cara Hilton, Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Trussell Trust Scotland: A very welcome commitment in today’s #ScotPfG to bring forward a plan to end the need for #foodbanks in Scotland @TrussellTrust
  • David McNeill, Director, SCVO: Good to see #scotpfg put in black and white the multi-year funding aspiration for third sector organisations. Let’s see if we can make this a reality through the Strengthening Collaboration programme with @COSLA and @scotgov.
  • Blue Cross: We warmly welcome @scotgov commitment to legislate on the sale/use of fireworks & to tackle irresponsible dog ownership. A review of unjust, ineffective Dangerous Dogs Act is particularly timely. We look forward to working with @scotgov on these issues in 2021-22.
  • Cycling UK in Scotland: Great to see #ScotPfG confirm tripling of active travel funding & significant plans to boost cycling, walking & wheeling in Scotland. We now need speedy progress & local authorities to step up to deliver a green transport revolution at local level.
  • John Sparkes, Chief Executive, Crisis: Strong commitments being made on homelessness in the #ScotPfG through the ongoing implementation of the #endinghomelessnesstogether plan – including consultation on a prevention duty, supply of social housing, national Housing First programme.
  • Perinatal and Mental Health Fund: Good to hear the prominence of overall Mental Health service support in Scotland in the new #ScotPfG
  • Colin Macfarlane, Director of Stonewall Scotland said: We welcome today’s commitment from the First Minister to introduce a bill to reform the Gender Recognition Act 2004 in the upcoming year. We also welcome the news that the Scottish Government will centrally fund NHS gender identity service improvements for the next three years, and will set out a plan for transformation of the service by late 2021. It is also very reassuring to hear the Programme for Government make a commitment to “protect LGBT people from harm by banning the damaging promotion and practice of conversion therapy, bringing forward legislation that is as comprehensive as possible within devolved powers by the end of 2023, if UK Government proposals do not go far enough.” We welcome commitments on funding the delivery of LGBTQ+ inclusive education, improving non-binary equality and wellbeing, and consulting on proposals to incorporate human rights into Scots law.
  • Andrew McRae, FSB’s Scotland policy chair, said: Today’s Programme for Government outlines some huge ambitions for Scotland. The challenge for Ministers will be in delivery. Scotland can’t come back stronger from the covid crisis without a successful local business community. While today’s publication signals a change in approach, we want every part of Scotland’s public sector to be alive to the damage local firms have endured since the start of last year. By promising wide-ranging reforms to skills and procurement systems, Ministers are acknowledging that there’s work required to make government processes deliver for the wider economy. We want to make it easier for smaller firms to win public contracts. The skills system must adapt to the challenges posed by covid, by Brexit and by the growth of the digital economy.
  • Sight Scotland: We welcome the First Minister’s announcement of a COVID Recovery Bill, investment in community health services and pledge for a new Edinburgh eye hospital. It’s vital this leads to shorter waiting times for eye treatment & new community support for people with sight loss.
  • Shelter Scotland: This year is especially important, with the new government able to share priorities for the first-time following May’s election and provide detail on what the SNP-Green deal means for housing and homelessness. Here’s what we welcome from today. The ambition to deliver 110,000 affordable homes by 2032, with 70% of these for social rent. Action to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping, and investment to decarbonise homes. A new Rented Sector Strategy to help make private renting more affordable and more secure for tenants.

Quite a list.

Here’s how BBC Scotland covered it:

9 thoughts on “Massive support for SNP/Greens Programme for Government

  1. Alas, says Lard Baron Ffoulkesakia—-

    “They are making Scotland better, and they are doing it deliberately”!

    Scottish labour, a subordinate party of drones, joined at the hip with the Tories, neo-cons and frothing war-mongers.

    As one of their MPs put it—
    “Scotland. Who cares”?

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  2. Good.

    I just want independence and a future Scotland that has a Wellness economy paid for by a growth in wealth creating activities via a wide range of manufacturing industries and international services. We need to move away from the current UK model and make money as we did very well up to 1990 when Westminster allowed our industries to die.

    Unless we create wealth we will not have the money for Citizens Basic Income etc. In addition I think we need to really look at Annual Ground Rent as a means of funding the public sector.

    The announcement by Scotgov yesterday gave me hope after many years of frustration at no Indy action by our leaders. The new plan and documents must be positive, create a vision we can sell and cover obviously all the 2014 unionist attack points. I hope the talk to Business for Scotland and Tim Rideout’s currency group.


    1. Couldn’t agree more about your last point, input from the Scottish Currency Group is essential but at moment they seem too wedded to Sterlingisation

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  3. According to the English ”Scottish” papers ( Express , Mail ) this is a dastardly plot by ”Sturgeon ” to force independence on an unsuspecting Scottish people who have never given independence a second thought !

    If only there was some way of removing this woman from office then Scotland could be FREE of her ”extremist ” policies .

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  4. Hospitals have saved people’s sight with emergency operations. Many people have their cataracts done improving their sight. The service is absolutely wonderful, in restoring people’s sight. The best helping people lead better lives. Donations to the dogs for the blind charities help people lead better lives. They do tremendous work.

    Women who co habit do not have the same rights as other women and men. They have to make a claim within a year for their entitlement (1/3). It costs £thousands in legal fees. There is little legal aid. It has to be paid back in any case.

    Women and children can live is abusive unsafe places because women do not have equal rights. They can lose their house, their home because of legal costs. In England the Law has been changed so they get legal aid and do not have to lose their house, their home.

    There has been consultations for years. Still nothing is done. Politicians wring their hands and do nothing. While women and children live in abusive situations because co habiting women (the majority) do not have equal rights. Time to make changes and do something right. It is an absolute scandal.

    Women who are abused are being confronted under the Domestic Abuse Act. It cannot be dropped or appealed. Except if there are friends in privileged high places. It is not equality but unequal, unfair and a waste of time and public monies. The Law is reprehensible, unless there is a witness.


  5. There are plans under consideration to make Prestonpans a centre of trade and transport. It was reliant on further EU membership or connection. A hub for connectivity between trade routes to the EU and further routes.


  6. Cara Hilton Labour politician. Now Foodbank manager?

    Labour killing and maiming Millions of people. Illegal wars. The banking crash mismanaged. Gordon Brown and the cabal appalling misjudgement. Causing misery and poverty worldwide. Labour did not support MUP or the smoking ban.To limit ill health and addiction The quickest route to poverty and premature death. Labour hypocrites. Feathering their nests on appalling policies and mismanagement.

    Labour unionists supporting Austerity, Brexit and the rest of the Tories harmful policies, especially in Scotland. Labour do not support Independence. That would make Scotland better off and stop Westminster unionists destroy the world economy.

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