Labour activist wheeled in to attack SNP on vaccine certificate

Nowhere in this report do we see any mention of the fact that Maura McGoldrick is a Labour Party activist, member of Young Labour at Edinburgh University. Her social media trail is clear.

Surely that’s relevant.

How many times has BBC Scotland wheeled in political activists connected to the opposition parties and presented as just members of the public with a genuine complaint.

On the very same topic, we’ve had a Lib Dem activist who moved up to Scotland.

We’ve had a relative of Anas Sarwar on alleged PPE shortages for GPs.

We’ve had Tory activists on SQA ‘failures’.

In the Scotsman and the Herald we see regular anti-SNP tirades, based on big fibs from unattributed former Labour ministers, Brexit MEPs and current Tory councillors plus a range of ex-spads, all presented as journalists.

They think we’re daft.

10 thoughts on “Labour activist wheeled in to attack SNP on vaccine certificate

  1. The think we don’t know how desperate they are becoming!

    I have no doubt we will see Gordon Brown wheeled out as an ordinary ministers son who feels that men of faith have been side lined yet again by this decisive SNP Government.

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  2. ABC ( BBC )
    New motto
    Make the bullets and we shall fire them
    For them unfortunately they stupidly fail to remember of BACKFIRE


  3. From the BBC article: “As a result of her vaccine status issue, Ms McGoldrick has postponed her October plans to travel to Copenhagen – partly for leisure, but also to do work experience related to her university course in international relations.”

    Told to the BBC when – on 8th September? Twenty-two days still to go in September. Definition of pessimism?

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    1. She sure it’s not having to be postponed because of Brexit? Would it not be tricky to go work or study abroad now that the Uk is no longer a member and is a ‘third country’? She is studying ‘International relations’, oh the irony.

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  4. Surely they can get an e-mail or letter from a Doctor surgery or medical centre. The Doctors surgery must be involved in setting up the vaccination appointment. The letters or texts sent with the appointments must originate from the Health care centre. The Doctors practice with the relevant data on patients. It must be passing back and forwards. Ringing or e-mailing the Doctors surgery must be able provide proof of vaccination. There must be a record kept.

    A test centre where many are now ‘drop in’ could give a positive/negative reading of proof before the travel date. All countries can have different rules on vaccination or test inspection. People registered with a Doctors practice have a unique healthcare number. Often issued at birth or updated when first registering with a medical practice.

    Doctor’s practices get paid (Gov funding) for how many patients on their lists, with qualification. They get extra payment per person for flu jab and other preventative measures. Prompted by the Health Board or Gov who can allocate extra funding for certain additional treatments.


  5. Plans partly for leisure. October break. Copenhagen can be very expensive. Recognised exchange trips usually take up a semester. Students can exchange worldwide but they are official, university recognised, reciprocal agreements. Not a personal jolly but part of the syllabus. Evaluated. They count for uni module points.


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