Just one word

Listeners to BBC radio and TV will know that ‘Brexit’ is the word that must not be said by our Loyalist state journalists. The Herald do let the FM mention it but seem to have forgotten it in the headline, so I’ve sorted if for them. No charge.

Is there any evidence the Herald might have used to inform its readers?

Just a very large number of reports such as:

UK recovery slows due to staff shortages and supply chain issues: https://www.ft.com/content/1f650e41-f318-4d2a-afa9-70dd88536359

Employer, employee, and consumer research shows scale and scope of Brexit’s damage to hospitality jobs: https://www.hospitalityandcateringnews.com/2021/08/employer-employee-and-consumer-research-shows-scale-and-scope-of-brexits-damage-to-hospitality-jobs/

Blood tubes and chicken hit by UK’s supply chain squeeze: https://www.politico.eu/article/uk-faces-supply-chains-crunch-caused-by-brexit-and-coronavirus/

There are more, many more.

5 thoughts on “Just one word

  1. Perhaps a poster slogan to be used by Yes
    Pic of vast empty shelves,parked up lorries,bar shelves empty,fields of rotten veg/ fruit LIST goes on and on
    Caption in blood red
    ” Brexit it wisnae ME westMIS(n)TER”

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  2. There was a report on a pretty curmudgeonly – even by its standards – Reporting Scotland last night about a staffing crisis in private care homes. Brexit, of course was not mentioned. The care home sector was complaining that it having to compete with charitable and Council care homes for staff and with other NHS services as well as other sectors which are OFFERING HIGHER WAGES! They were demanding that other care home providers and the NHS meet with them to work out an equitable way of staffing homes. Then, the implied threat: “Otherwise, private care homes might have to close and that would become a burden on the NHS”.

    I presume that means offer to pay them less, on insecure contracts, to ensure profits and dividends are maintained.

    These issues were NOT raised by the BBC reporter.

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  3. The ” ‘Brexit’ is the word that must not be said ” is very obvious.
    When it IS mentioned, usually conjoined with Covid, we have probably the most preposterous proposition News managers could concoct –
    Covid has been eradicated across Europe including Ireland, that’s why only the UK is struggling for manpower across all industries.
    Have a bridge to sell….

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