Coffey’s incompetence worsens pensioner poverty with pension delays

LBC on Twitter: "Work and Pensions Secretary Thérèse Coffey tells LBC the  Prime Minister is "keen" to restart face to face learning for pupils "as  quickly as possible." @NickFerrariLBC |…"
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions: Therese Coffey

From SNP Media:

SNP MP Patricia Gibson has written to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions calling on the UK government to urgently investigate and address ongoing delays in State Pension payments.

In a letter to Therese Coffey, the MP for North Ayrshire and Arran highlighted cases of constituents who have still to receive their pension payments over a month after reaching their State Pension age.

Pensioner poverty has recently risen to a 15-year high of 18%, meaning that around 2.1 million pensioners across the UK are now living in poverty – with the State Pension the most important source of income for many. 

Commenting, Patricia Gibson MP said:

“It is deeply concerning that new pensioners are facing unacceptable delays in vital support from the Department for Work and Pensions, particularly as pensioner poverty continues to rise under this Westminster Tory government. 

“It is particularly upsetting for those WASPI women who, after being forced to wait six years to get the pension to which they are entitled, finally reach the new State Pension age, only to find that poor service from the DWP has left them in limbo as they face unacceptable delays to receiving their rightful pension payments upon which they rely.

“Despite raising these issues on behalf of individuals, I have found the DWP uncooperative and lax in addressing these serious concerns.

“The UK government must urgently investigate the delays experienced by new pensioners and take all necessary action to ensure that State Pension payments are made in a timeous manner.”

14 thoughts on “Coffey’s incompetence worsens pensioner poverty with pension delays

  1. The direction of travel from All the Westminster governments since Thatcher has been to ultimately eradicate all forms of state support.
    The worst state pensions in the Western world coming under attack from the current extreme right wing cabal should not be a surprise.
    Still,that’s democracy in action,England’s democracy that is.
    The attitude from the London establishment is that people are a commodity only valued so long as they are productive.
    Once they are no longer useful……….

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  2. Yup, stay in the UK to (not) get the pension you have paid for.

    One of the lowest in the EU—– but hey, no problem if you are an octogenarian Peer claiming your £300 a day, plus subsidised meals, transport and feather-beds, selling your services (and your soul) out of Westminster Palace and registering it as your business address.

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    1. “One of the lowest in the EU”
      While I’m not exactly surprised, it would be nice to see some actual figures. Also how do other countries fund their state pensions or equivalent?


  3. Ah but
    As Boris would define
    This is world class beating service in speed and efficiency
    Global Britain
    Empire 2
    Sunny uplands
    How possibly with his elite education
    Ever possibly be wrong
    Hail Hail Hail
    Boris the last Emperor of Scotland


    1. “Dad, dad, Boris the Emperor guy his nae claes on”!

      “Hush, son. The BEEB, Torygraf ‘n’ Mail wull git ye, if ye tell the truth aboot his invisible claes”!


    1. James
      In order for them to sell any shares
      They 1st have to behind the scenes set up
      New legislation
      Then rig the market with the aid of their network of the Devils little workers
      All so they can Short,take the profit and reinvest in their wheeze of a scam and the next one in their minds
      Here we go round the money tree again and again and again


  4. Not content with the catastrophic handling of Covid by the EngUKGov, leading to what 130,000 or so deaths, mostly pensioners, they now want to starve the people who are entitled to a pension albeit at a late stage in their lives, because that is what the Tories have decided the people deserve. Scotland needs out of the cesspit so called UK asap.

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  5. The lowest pensions in Europe. So people have to rely on top up benefits. Elderly women are the most likely to live in poverty. Not a great way for people to treat their mother’s who gave them life and made sacrifices. The birth rate falling all over Europe, without migration. Women have children later. Less likely. (30 years rather than 20). The Pill 1960’s. Available contraception. People now make choices. People less likely to conceive. On average people want one of each. Or have none at all. China ‘one child’ policy. Now two? The world population will peak and then fall.

    Women worked P/T (70’s) so were not allowed to join pension schemes. Only full time workers could apply. The Gov told them to rely on their husband NI contribution. Pay the lower rate. Women outlive men 5 years on average worldwide. Cherie Blair got the brief to deny women retrospective payments, and won in Court. Some feminist. Multimillionaires denying others,

    Women got the worst deal out of it. If pensions were raised there would be less need for supplementary benefits. The administration costs more than the pension payout. The administration cost nearly as much as the pension funding. A higher pay out would any for itself. Not leave pensioners struggling.

    More elderly people vote Tory. Vote to die younger. Life expectancy decreasing. There are more pensioners % and more % are likely to vote. Tory members on average, male and over seventy.

    Less women join Political Parties. 10 to 1? Women unrepresented 30% in society. 50%+ of the population. Increased nursery provision more women can work . They contribute to the economy and prosperity. Often as main carers receiving less. The pandemic showed how much people care for the elderly. Their families and their parents. The swift development of the vaccine to prevent more elderly death. Still too many with underlying causes and more elderly death.

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  6. Late pension payments will have to rely on benefits. Cost more? The Tory incompetence. Once again.

    Women who co habit (the majority) are denied equal rights. They have to make a claim (1/3) and fight through the legal system. It costs £thousands. Many women cannot afford it. There is little legal aid. It has to be paid back in any case. Women and children are totally losing out. Women and children have to live in abusive, unsafe situations to keep a roof over their heads. Or they can lose their house, their home and completely lose out. Costing £thousands which they do not have.

    The Law has been changed in England so women can get legal aid without losing their house, their home. In Scotland women continue to be abused without equal rights. Having to stay in unsafe, abusive situations without equal rights to other women and men. There has been consultations for years and nothing is done about it. Politicians wring their hands and do nothing. Mainly men. It is a scandal. It is 2021 not the 1950’s. Yet women still do not have equal rights. Women 30% unrepresented.


  7. Increasing pension funding would pay for itself. Less funding needed for bureaucracy and top up benefits. It would give the elderly piece of mind and dignity that they deserve. It would cost less overall. The administration is almost as much as the payout. Scotland pays for all the (UK) Gov pensions and benefits pay out in Scotland. It comes from the tax revenues and resources raised in Scotland, Goes down to the UK Treasury and then comes back.

    It comes out of current revenues.(taxation) ie from the year before. There is no pension fund. On average £15Billion. Less if there is higher employment. More if their is higher unemployment. On average. Scotland raises £66Billion+++. It could raise more. Tax evasion. UK Laws not implement by Westminster Treasury. Scotland too much for the Military, without benefit. Not stationed in Scotland. No vessels to patrol the shores.

    Scotland has to pay repayments on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Disproportionately pays for Westminster administration, wasteful mismanaged projects etc, etc. The list is endless. The so called Deficit. Manufactured by Westminster. Scotland resources and revenues wasted. The illegal Barnett Formula. Paying for illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. Scotland out voted at Westminster 10 to 1. Scotland would be better off Independent. Managing it’s own economy. Block Grant £30Billion+. £Billions wasted on Westminster poor, bad management and decision. Scotland could afford higher pension and benefits without Westminster crass interference.


  8. There will be trouble ahead.

    Tories plan to raise NI. A tax on everyone. The poorer. Instead proportionately through progressive income tax. The wealthier pay more. Not tax evade. The Westminster Gov not implementing UK Law. The UK one of the most unequal places in the world because of Westminster administration. Breaking the Laws that they make with impunity.


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