Bin delays in England and Wales blamed on Brexit!

Four times in the above, BBC Wales link driver shortages and bin collection delays to Brexit but baulk at putting it in the headline.

BBC England/UK only mention it once, but still bravely do. They too fear making too explicit a causal link:

BBC Scotland?

Are there no bin delays here? Should we be praising Sturgeon for that?

Scottish Sun today::

THAT’S RUBBISH: List of 18 areas hit by bin collection delays due to the lorry driver shortage

Only one in Scotland – Dundee.

Who is the SNP bin collection minister? They mustn’t go?

13 thoughts on “Bin delays in England and Wales blamed on Brexit!

  1. We have one giant bin to dump brexit in
    Fill the Indy ref.Truck with a resounding mass of Yes votes
    Then tip it out right on the door steps of Westminster
    Bye Bye

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  2. Remember the “Scotch” Lab/Con coalition party wanted to have Scotland as a Nuke waste repository?–AKA a “dump” with bin men from all over as far as Japan, bringing their glow-in-the-dark stuff to auld Scotia!

    Remember they dumped the fast breeder reactor at Dounreay in Scotland as it was thought too dangerous for decent folks.

    Their management dumped all their nuke waste down a ventilations shaft, ’cause they has SO much regard for Scotland’s environment.
    (Another reason why Nukes should not continue in Scotland).

    When the fast breeder was closed down the research still went on—in Engerlund.—-Bin? You bin conned, Scotland!

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        1. Bob
          The crux of the problem is quite simple
          Most EU hgv drivers are either self employed or owner drivers in some case along with a family member
          So they WILL not haul to UK
          1.They guaranteed a easy full load pick up
          To return to EU with
          2.Even if somehow they manage to obtain a full load for returning they can never be sure all the paper work correct
          When checked upon ferry disembarkation in Europe
          Any delay will cost them at least € 500 /day,far less severely enraging current customers in EU for whom they scheduled to pick up future loads for distribution within EU
          A fully laden class 1 hgv burns derv at less than 10 mpg
          Simple economics
          Not rocket science
          Quote 1 Romanian owner driver
          ” Do you think I mad,you voted for this
          So as I f**k off
          You can also

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          1. Aye, England did itself no favours in allowing latent xenophobia to be exploited for political purpose, and frankly I expect none to own up to having been duped, this is the greatest problem of all, a nation on it’s knees because it cannot lose face when seduced to do.

            I live in Romania and have had many discussions over what “England are doing”, what was once “the place to make it” has become europe’s “no go” zone in a decade.
            England has made itself much more than a delivery point, it is the place you don’t want to go.

            One lad I knew left the UK with his family for Belgium when the aggro became too much, even before Brexit actually happened. His attitude is very much FUUK, and frankly I don’t blame him, it not just about pay but attitudes.
            On Scotland it was simple, you have to go through England to get there, so NO.

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              1. Disagree on the weather, and when you see the horrific conditions occurring in other parts of the world, resulting, in some cases in loss of life, I think you should be careful how you express your views.


  3. Bin wagon drivers will be getting pilfered by the haulage industry desperate to shift freight –
    Read an interesting industry article last week pretty honestly set out the dilemma for hauliers and the strategy they are all thinking of, though I must paraphrase the logic –
    The entire chain was JIT until now largely reliant on high tonnage vehicles.
    We can’t get enough drivers for the high tonnage because Brexit plus Brexit queues and waiting areas are tying up both kit and drivers
    – It will take at least a year for any immediate government stimulus to have any effect if at all, and our clients are over a barrel.
    – The only way JIT can be restored is if we split loads for everything else bar the Brexit pinch-point
    Smaller tonnages means more vehicles and drivers – vehicles we can buy if we pinch drivers elsewhere immediately, and it is easier, faster and cheaper to get more drivers at the lesser HGV gradings.
    Who knew, a Brexit bonus – higher employment, double the pollution, bins unemptied, bread undelivered, etc, etc., etc…..
    Catch 22…

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