Herald reporting could not get worse even in ‘worst case scenario’

Leaving aside the obvious criticism of a newspaper attempting to scare its readers with what is explicitly a ‘worst case scenario’, by definition unlikely, as opposed to informing them usefully on what might actually happen in their lives, this is shoddy journalism, devoid of data which they might use to make sense of the situation.

The infection rate has been flat for 6 days now at around 6 000 new cases every day and with most of these among the younger age groups. A fall seems imminent

Hospital admissions went up 24 to 653 yesterday. The idea that this could surge to 4 500 in two weeks is plain daft in the light of flattening infection levels after a wee school-related ‘surge’, ongoing vaccination rollouts and perhaps, already flattening hospital admissions, is just one of these ‘worst case scenarios’ which nobody really expects to happen yet which the Herald thinks might attract readers. Regrettably, it might also put some off coming forward, thereby risking their lives.

8 thoughts on “Herald reporting could not get worse even in ‘worst case scenario’

  1. This little virus is in most scenarios all too predictable
    Therefore and sticking my neck out now
    To predict that in 3 to 4 weeks time
    As English schools return,their poorer vaccination rates which are now well below Scotland, their testing system still rather chaotic and the advance of cooler,wetter and shorter days
    1.By end of Sept.they record 70,000 + new daily cases
    2.Followed 3 to 10 days later rapidly rising Hospital admissions
    3.Followed soon thereafter rising ICU numbers
    4.Followed by rising death numbers
    If such comes to pass,then EHNS will become overwhelmed and the resultant consequential amplification effects bite hard
    Boris and his instinctive gambling has failed to factor in
    A.The decreasing efficacy of the current vaccines against Delta
    B.Deltas ability to reinfect previous hosts
    C.Human nature and its complacency
    D.Not factoring in a current circulation of this deadly virus in high numbers, giving a ideal launch pad
    A unforgettable certain English comment
    Springs to mind
    ” They think its all over now”
    Watch this space The Ref ain’t blown the whistle YET

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      1. Legerwood
        And yesterday English new cases continue on their upward trajectory
        And they now increasing testing which 1 week ago was very low
        Someone waking up done there
        But me suspect the horse has bolted

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  2. Editors Office–The Herod.

    “Boss, boss, sales are down to a hundred a day”.

    “Right lads, big up the front page.
    Worst scenario we can think of.
    Aliens invade Scotland.
    Ferries completed.
    DRossy in threesome bovine sex scandal with Starwars”.

    “We aint sunk yet; not while the gutter runs yeller”!

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  3. I think the Herald sponsors are getting are getting a bit peeved that all this Penny Dreadful nonsense is still not denting the SNP (and Greens).

    We now have Alex Salmond hard on the heels of Jim Sillars with another message of doom in the Herald 🙂

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  4. OT, Pacific Quay have been so embarrassed by the fallout from their failed “Greta-Gate” fiasco they’ve published the “full” interview linked from the BBC Scotland webpages…
    As one previous commentator observed, anodyne, yet the SG/Greens angle was to say the least “obvious”.

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