Will Santa’s trucks arrive this year?

From: SNP Westminster Press Office

The SNP has condemned the Tory government’s damaging Brexit deal after new statistics revealed a rise in shop prices – with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) also warning of further price increases and disruption in the coming months due to Brexit.

The BRC’s chief executive Helen Dickinson said that: “Food retailers are fighting to keep their prices down as far as possible. But mounting pressures – from rising commodity and shipping costs as well as Brexit-related red tape, mean this will not be sustainable for much longer, and food price rises are likely in the coming months.”

She added: “…in the run-up to Christmas the situation could get worse, and customers may see reduced choice and increased prices for their favourite products and presents.”

It comes days after Scotland’s food and drinks industry also wrote a joint letter warning that the double hit of Brexit and the pandemic has put further pressure on the labour market in Scotland and is “putting the growth, viability and security of many Scottish businesses in jeopardy.”

Commenting, the SNP’s Consumer Affairs spokesperson Patricia Gibson MP said:

“With each day that passes the damaging and costly impact of the Tory government’s Brexit obsession continues to hit.

“Figures revealing rising shop prices coupled with the grim warning that the coming months are likely to see further disruption, reduced choices, and an increase in food prices, fully vindicate the years of warnings that Brexit would do enormous damage to businesses, households and the economy.

“Brexit has been nothing short of an unmitigated disaster – with recent reports also highlighting post-Brexit supply chain issues leading to food shortages and Scotland’s vital food and drinks industry under severe pressure.

“This act of economic vandalism has been imposed upon Scotland against our will by a Tory government we did not vote for.

“It’s clear that Scotland is increasingly vulnerable under Westminster control and that the only way to keep Scotland safe from the long-term damage of Brexit is to become an independent country.”

One thought on “Will Santa’s trucks arrive this year?

  1. Reporting Scotland did a feature on problems the haulage industry is facing and empty shelves in shops. However, it did not link this firmly with Brexit and, while it hinted at some vague responsibility of the UK government, it did not interview any UK government spokesperson.

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