Daily Express and Annie Wells lie using non-Scottish sources and risk lives for a headline

Daily Express

This is disgusting. NHS Scotland is not in crisis. The facts, not for the first time are here, below.

First, that claim that A&E departments, in Scotland, are asking ‘non life-threatening cases to stay away’ is, to my knowledge, based on statements from NHS Wales and Northern Ireland.

So, evidence:

First, A&E:

From NHS Northern Ireland:

Four hundred emergency patients waited more than 12 hours to be admitted to hospital in the last day in Northern Ireland, a senior doctor has said.

Dr Paul Kerr, from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine for Northern Ireland, said some of them have been waiting up to two days.


In Scotland, in August, only 286 patients spent more than 12 hours in an A&E department, in a whole month, less than 10 in any one day, on average.


No politician in Northern Ireland is accused of anything. No politician is even mentioned and certainly not photographed.

A Department of Health spokesperson says:

The public can help by using services appropriately. To be clear, if your case is an emergency, then you should go to a hospital emergency department without delay.

What is he implying?

And from Wales:

We’ve had all types of calls, from sunburn, fish-hooks in feet, cramp in legs, through to much more serious calls,” Ceri said.

I’d like people to think before they dial 999. It’s not just a go-to number.

We’ve got the 111 symptom checker online and that’s a good place to start.

She said the difference would be “immense” if people thought more before dialling 999.

It could mean that the patient who was waiting five hours today could have had a response in maybe 10 to 20 minutes.


Second, overall load:

Cases are higher than ever but, crucially, hospital admissions are not:


Hospital admissions are still only a quarter of that at the peak in January 2021 and treatment is more effective than then.

Do not hesitate to attend if you are worried.

‘Scottish Daily Express?’ I don’t want WordPress to remove me, so I’ll keep it to myself.

2 thoughts on “Daily Express and Annie Wells lie using non-Scottish sources and risk lives for a headline

  1. I think most people will see that daily lying rag headline and say to themselves, oh aye, that right, and get on with their day in the knowledge they will be treated appropriately by their NHS, should they need to be.
    These lying rags are relying on a few people who would find fault in the Scottish government if they gave everyone a million £s in Scotland, the complainers always love a good complaint.
    O/T, anyone know why the English organisation DEFRA dragged a poor animal through fields to kill the poor thing? I mean they couldn’t have had a vet and assistant, in a quiet pen, sedate the poor animal and give it a dignified humane ending could they, you know like any normal vet would do. It was a horrible and cruel spectacle, and epitomises the barbaric attitude the English government have towards sentient beings that humans call animals. Dreadful.

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  2. ”Daily Express” will soon be ( if it isn’t already ) a term of abuse given the exceedingly low opinion it has of Scotland and Scots .
    Sadly , an intelligence intolerant individual like Annie Wells can not see the harm she is doing aiding and abetting such a rag to mislead and denigrate Scotland and its people .

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