Reporting Scotland’s witnesses to ‘SNP failure’

There are longer waiting lists for treatment after a deadly pandemic. Imagine that. Is that really informative?

Reporting Scotland have wheeled in Anas Sarwar’s in-laws, John Beattie’s neighbours, former Tory candidates, Lib Dem activists and folk with a huge Union flag in their back garden, as independent witnesses to ‘SNP failures’ of all sorts.

Today, the above guy had his heart on his sleeve as they say. Well actually he had it all over:

Glenn Campbell’s uncle?

Union Jack pants and socks?

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12 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland’s witnesses to ‘SNP failure’

  1. So annoying. Any organisation that provides a service will let some people down. That is life. Managers and staff need to balance work to budgets and all the curve balls that Boyce along constantly. The key point is the level of let down. If for example you do one million patients and let 350 down that is such a low percentage you are actually doing very well. Yes the 350 get annoyed. Pity our MSM never looks at the big numbers. Twats.

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    1. ‘Our MSM’ know exactly what they are doing here..they know the ‘numbers’.
      Thing is it’s not ‘our’ media it’s based in London and elsewhere around the globe, and controlled by the BritNats and Brexiteers, they certainly do not do facts or truth.

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  2. Even by BBC Scotland’s low standards, this is becoming so ridiculous and embarrassing in their repetitive attempts at smearing the SNP, that even its remaining loyal band of viewers and listeners must be cringing.

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    1. I recently had a difference of opinion with someone who believes the BBC is a trustworthy and independent source of news and I don’t like it because it holds the SNP government to account. Sadly, his opinion won’t change

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  3. Some people have been dealt with quicker. Put on waiting lists but not waiting long. Attended knee clinics. Less waiting time. Two letters. Two texts. Given an injection. Less delays. Excellent service.

    Many people are choosing to wait for treatment because of covid. They are putting off hospital appointments and treatment. Or being advised to wait because of covid because of underling health problems. For safety. Emergencies and acute patients are being dealt with.


  4. People use the service. Most people appreciate and value it. They know how good it can be. Millions use it. Especially the elderly. Frail bodies. MSM nonsense is ignored for good reason,


  5. Last week on one of the BBC’s 6 o’clock bulletins there was an item on the NHS waiting lists in each of the 4 nations. The figures that were reported were percentages of the population on waiting lists and, from memory, were as follows:
    NI 24%
    Wales 19%
    England 10%
    Scotland 9%
    I have rounded them up or down to give whole numbers. Note this is the total percentages on waiting lists rather than specific lists for consultants tests etc.

    I posted these figures on an earlier article but worth posting again.

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  6. I try not to be overtly anti English and prefer to focus on anti Westminster arguments.
    Today we have, of all the potential contributors on the BBC Reporting Scotland item on waiting lists yet another English-accented chappy.
    Same on an item on STV. Different report, same origin of interviewee.
    How do the media editors do that.?
    Are these people self selecting or are they fished out of thin air?
    Whatever, I am mightily hacked off to have the Scottish patient body represented by those from fourth of our marches.
    Rant over.


    1. I’m not sure how they’re chosen.

      I have an English accent and they’ve never asked me. I’m away to consider if I ought to be upset or flattered…


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