Major increase in Scottish Government’s Take Home Naxolone kits programme saves 1 400 lives

Naloxone: How Overdose-Reversing Drug Saved Demi Lovato - Rolling Stone
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From Public Health Scotland today:

Since the establishment of the National Naloxone Programme in 2011/12:
• 74,629 THN kits have been issued by services based in the community.
• 8,793 THN kits have been issued by prisons in Scotland.
• 10,388 THN kits have been dispensed by community pharmacies.
• Overall, a total of 93,966 THN kits have been supplied by the National Naloxone
• An estimated total of 32,930 people at risk of opioid overdose have been supplied with THN
since the start of the National Naloxone Programme.
The National Naloxone Programme is an important harm reduction measure in Scotland’s efforts
to reduce the numbers of drug-related deaths. It continues to ensure that people have the
medication necessary to prevent a fatal opioid overdose and has saved many lives.

From the Pharmaceutical Journal in July 2021:

Naloxone kit supply may have saved almost 1,400 lives in 2020, report finds

There has been a large increase in the uptake of take-home naloxone kits in Scotland, and the emergency antidote for overdoses caused by heroin and other opioids is likely to have saved many lives.,Naloxone%20kit%20supply%20may%20have%20saved,lives%20in%202020%2C%20report%20finds

Will Scotland’s media cover this?

4 thoughts on “Major increase in Scottish Government’s Take Home Naxolone kits programme saves 1 400 lives

  1. Good news indeed. Drugs is big business, Scotland’s borders are controlled by the English government, sadly that means no protection for Scotland’s vast coastline, easy landing areas for drugs brought into the UK, Scotland’s communities are their first target. The Scottish government can only put sticking plasters on the wounds of many decades of drug pushing and terrible consequences of BritUKGovs’ deliberate neglect, it will take somewhat longer, and independence with full powers over drugs policy, to make further progress, well done so far though, saving lives.
    The EngGov controlled BritNat media won’t report it, they hate the SNP saving lives. It’s not what they want to see nor report on, it’s counter to their, ScotGov/Scotland is really backward and can’t do government, message.

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  2. Proper total abstinence rehab counselling facilities. They prevent death and cost less overall. Prevention is better than cure. Saves monies keeping people well. Saves people from going to prison. £40,000 a year. Saves monies on police, fire, welfare benefits, housing and social care.

    It gets people better and keeps people safe in their communities. Gives people hope and security. Everyone deserves a chance. They should be given it, Thousands of people have got better to lead happier beneficial lives by proper help. AA & NA can be a point of call. Knowledge and community is a benefit to solutions and help being found.

    The Scottish Gov has funded £250million (5 years). To improve and make addiction services better. It will help many. It will save lives and help people lead better lives.

    MUP has reduced deaths and reduced consumption. Gov intervention can work. In many countries there is Gov legislation to improve people’s lives. To help addiction and let people lead better lives. Scandinavia etc. Totally improved lives,

    Where there is a will there is a way.. Everyone benefits. The whole community and society. Shuggy Bain. A cry for help. There have been improvements since.

    People are taking cocaine and ketamine. A recipe for death. Too many people are prescribed methadone (years) and take other substances. Leading to early death. People deserve a chance at getting well. Not a recurring slippery slope.


  3. Scotland started from a higher bench mark than many countries from years of Westminster unionist lies and neglect. An absolute scandal. Thatcher etc. Resources and revenues misappropriated and wasted. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. International Law broken etc.

    Something can be done now. People can vote against it. Especially in Scotland. To improve lives. The gap is closing by Scottish Gov action. Devolution 2000. Independence will bring more benefits to decide. No UK taxation without representation. Outvoted 10 to 1.

    The UK Gov mess and shambles. Brexit. They could not even organise a few extra fights to save people’s lives. £55Billion spent on the military. Endless training flights taken daily but no help for desperate people. An absolute scandal. There was plenty of advanced warning.


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