Helping us to forget what we have lost

The ever vigilant MSM Monitor ( has been drawing our attention to the constant tendency for BBC Scotland to omit any mention of Brexit in discussing issues which have been clearly triggered by it.

Today, they noted:

The flagship pro-Union news programme Good Morning Scotland carried another bulletin about the shortage of HGV drivers this morning and *again* failed to mention Brexit or the EU. Today’s diversionary issue is apparently libraries.

This is bias by omission, a common, cheap and probably effective form of propaganda which, when used repeatedly and consistently across TV, radio and websites can gradually break any meaningful connection between Brexit and, for example, staff shortages, empty store shelves or failing businesses.

The ambition of this UK government and its supine media is that we will, in time forget what we have lost. What have we lost? I probably don’t need to remind you but try these for starters:

  • Trade barriers
  • Worker shortages
  • Loss of investment
  • Financial services snags

More at:

That’s just the economy. We’ll lose so much more in terms of social and cultural factors if we hang about in Little Britain.

That our MSM are complicit in trying to cover this up, is shameful.

2 thoughts on “Helping us to forget what we have lost

  1. What there is NO shortage of since Brexit is the endless PROPAGANDA from the BeeB !
    But then they have a constant source of finance from the Scottish Tax-payer , coerced to finance disinformation against their OWN Scottish Government and their COUNTRY by the mendacious fifth column ensconced in Pacific Quay .


  2. the other issue is if/when Covid kicks in with the “dark nights”, and we move much more indoors where the virus spreads more easily. I listened to the FM’s briefing today and I thought it was noticeable that she emphasised that even though infections were up there wasnt the same pressure on hospitals that there would have been a year ago with these sorts of numbers. BUT, if numbers continue to climb, even if the effects on hospitals are less than before, it means that folk will be ill at home even if not in hospital. How many before with the consequences of Brexit – not enough lorry drivers is only example – we get the double whammy of losing workers through Brexit and to illness?
    On a related note, is it just me, or is the WM’s govt response to the transport industry’s request for temporary work permits for drivers from abroad, that they should concentrate on the domestic labour market, not just ridiculous? Either UK drivers have gone into hiding, or there arent enough and have to be trained. Assuming enough folk want to do it, how long to train an HGV driver, and what is the capacity to do so?

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