BBC Scotland protects private care home owner from scrutiny over infection control in a time of Covid.

From BBC Scotland today:

A nursing home in Glasgow is set to lose its licence after failing to make improvements in how it looks after residents.

The Care Inspectorate had identified “serious and significant concerns” about the quality of care at Rowandale Nursing Home in Pollokshields.

The home was issued with a warning following unannounced inspections in July and August.

However, a follow-up visit showed none of the required improvements were made.

As with almost all MSM reporting of care home incidents, the private sector nature of these homes is not mentioned. We have to search the Care Inspectorate report to find that the owners are Forth Care Limited and that infection control was still ‘weak‘ even on the second visit:

To find the owners, we have to go to Companies House:

There, we find that four of the five directors resigned between 2013 and 2020, leaving only Azeem Khan Rahat.

Rahat has eight directorships including West George College in Glasgow, described in the Herald in 2008, as ‘a college of empty rooms and a tiny library…..offering degree-level programmes which they had not been accredited for.’

In the public interest, do you think?

11 thoughts on “BBC Scotland protects private care home owner from scrutiny over infection control in a time of Covid.

  1. Call a spade a spade – Azeem Khan Rahat – he’s a con man running businesses that don’t have enough close supervision so he makes a mint out of them .

    Let’s get Sarwar on his case as he can seem to get lots of good headlines from the BBC and others in the Unionist media .
    Let’s see him expose this shyster and the many others that prey on the vulnerable .

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    1. I agree with your comment about this person being a conman, I don’t know why he’s getting away with it, something needs to be done


    2. Absolutely he’s a con man, how does he getaway with it, check out his most recent affairs under forthcare limited where he has ceased after 1 year, tells you something does it not..its made out that he’s the last standing director when really he was the one whk ran it to the ground while making a mint!!!!!!


  2. Ah, that’s easy, now Glenn and a few others from the BBC Scotland were due to go on a Media Studies course on “Researching via the Internet for Beginners” at the West George College.

    And wouldn’t you know it, the course was cancelled, they still have no idea why.

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  3. Just as well the care inspectorate exists quite frankly, if not, god knows what would be going on behind closed doors in care homes etc.

    Thing is who now picks up the pieces? The ScotGov? Who the heck decided to privatise care homes and when?
    This looks like a complete shambles, isn’t that the sort of word the British Nationalists like to use against the SNP. It’s dreadful to think some people may not be getting the care they need because private profiteers don’t care for anything but money. Definitely time to take back control of care services into public hands, as that guy, I think Labour party, who used to bounce about at Holyrood and say, ‘bublic ‘ans’. Where is he now?


    1. I don’t think Care Homes were privatised. I think it was more a case that private companies or individuals were allowed to set up and run Care Homes. The Council run Care Homes were not sufficient to deal with demand and did not have the money to expand their capacity. As often as not the Councils ‘buy’ spaces in the privately owned Care homes.

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      1. I guess like anything, under investment, or no investment in care services, and other public services, leaves the door open for privatisation, just as the English government is doing now with the English NHS, and just as Labour branch office started to do in Scotland when they were at the helm for ten years.

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  4. The BBC in particular have appeared highly protective of the private care sector throughout the pandemic, whether they are conspiring to do so or under threat of legal action, such reportage has been minimal.
    IIRC, when they were reporting on the Deeside and Inchmarlo House outbreaks they avoided even mentioning the names, referring only to the general area.

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