Covid cases fall for second day

3,190 new cases of COVID-19 were reported for the previous 24 hours. That’s a fall of 274 from the previous day when it was 3 464 and a further 136 from the day before that.

Can the Herald keep going with this theme when they fall below 3 000?

More than 2 000 new Covid cases confirmed for fifth day in a row?

5 thoughts on “Covid cases fall for second day

  1. What is really interesting is how England
    Is consistently in the last 10 days reporting a disproportionate number of Hospital and ICU admissions
    Whilst Scotland remains stable in those areas
    These numbers have a massive effect on
    Forward efficency of NHS
    And the devastating consequences of long covid
    This pile of vile dirt being shoved under the carpet by a compliant media
    Will trip them all up as the bump becomes larger and larger
    At the end of the day voters are not as stupid as politicans think
    The bump becomes too large to conceal
    Along with no place left to shovel there pile of mismanagement under
    As in most cases regarding such matters
    In all probability it shall be the tiniest speck of dirt that finally leads to the carpet being lifted to put in full view the S**t that lay below

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    1. There is a lag of approx a week to 2 weeks between the rise in the number of cases and a rise in hospitalisations then a further lag before deaths start to rise. At some point next week you may start to see hospitalizations begin to creep up.

      The number of cases reported today may have fallen slightly compared to the previous 24 hours but the positivity is still over 10% today, in fact 10.8%, which indicates it is still spreading within the community.

      Not the time to relax.

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  2. “Open up” is the cry of the Tory back benches (we need to make money)!
    “We WILL open up” cries Boris, who only listens to the loudest voices (in his own crowd).
    That sets the tone for us all, because the media crucifies those laggards who fall behind on FREEEE-DUMD Day.
    So while caution is the watchword on the Continent and NZ, the UKOK runs on like a headless chicken to its doom (or the doom of the weak and health compromised).

    Vaccines are the new Snake-Oil cure-all.
    Peddled by Huckster Boris, and his Gang.

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  3. Cases by specimen date are 2 days in arrears, but I think they give a better indication of what’s going on.

    Travelling Tabby reports –
    3688 on 18 Aug (peak)
    3604 on 19 Aug
    2912 on 20 Aug.

    If 2912 is the final figure for 20 Aug, that’s a big drop in one day.

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  4. Much is being made today of the introduction of a large scale anti-body testing programme across the UK. Why has this taken so long to establish?

    From April 2020 (headline): ‘Germany starts mass COVID-19 antibody testing’ – ‘‘Germany is the first country in Europe to perform large-scale coronavirus antibody testing, in an attempt to monitor the spread of the virus and evaluate disease rates.

    ‘The research will entail blood tests in four German regions where there have been large outbreaks of the COVID-19, while the country hopes to sample the entire population for antibodies in the next months. The purpose of the mass studies would be to examine who has built immunity to the virus as well as how widespread coronavirus infections have been.’


    And just published by Insider online: ‘‘Israel is expected to begin a national antibody survey of children between the ages of 3 and 12 on August 22 (2021), according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

    ‘The large-scale testing effort is an attempt by the Healthy Ministry, Education Ministry, and IDF Home Front Command to measure the extent to which the coronavirus has spread undetected among Israeli children over the last 18 months.

    ‘1,400 Home Front Command teams will conduct finger-prick blood tests at numerous locations around the country, the report said, in an attempt to test as many of Israel’s 1.4 million children as possible. Test results are provided within 15 minutes.

    ‘While previous testing surveys were conducted to understand more about asymptomatic infections among crowds, this survey is intended to understand possible spread among young people. The current belief is that many Israeli children were infected with COVID over the last months but never showed signs of infection, leading them to go undiagnosed.’

    No negative stories on this seemingly ‘late’ introduction here from UK media sources though!

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