SNP/Greens nibbled at by annoying wee dugs

From the Herald’s Tom Gordon today:

THE SNP and Scottish Greens have been given a brutal foretaste of the next five years, as their opponents savaged their ground-breaking joint government deal before the ink on it was dry.

The two pro-independence parties are today expected to announce a partnership short of a formal coalition after intense negotiations since May’s Holyrood election.

A brutal foretaste? Savaged? Hahahahaha…stop it….my ribs hurt.

From that wee pug Ross, or that floppy bloodhound Sarwar, or that prancing poodle Cole-Hamilton?

Glasgow health board 'not fit for purpose' after claim it tried to 'cover  up' death of 10-year-old - Daily Record

Toothless, whining and repetitive, they could no more savage those super-smart border collies, Nicola or Patrick in debate, than a sheep could.

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10 thoughts on “SNP/Greens nibbled at by annoying wee dugs

  1. As far as the No side concerned
    They will soon find that what is every strategists nightmare is and that will be
    2 enemies
    Confronted from different directions
    Dealing with the Green shoot from the hip
    Lorna (a rising star ) who pulls no punches and ultra smart
    Fighting what already is a losing battle
    On 2 fronts i.e.Indy and Green
    The list goes on
    If the cooperation deal is correctly structured then the last place i would wish to inhabit is that of the so called journalistic propaganda mafia
    I smell sawdust as they furiously scratch their cranium

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  2. Seems the BritNats are nobbled. That can only be a good thing. They’ll have to shout even louder and display twice as much anger at FMQs, about the success of the pro independence parties in Holyrood in getting on with the day job, and working for Scotland.

    Devolution was never meant to be like this, with parties in government not being wholly administered by Westminster. The BritNats need a taste of their own medicine, let’s hope the SNP and Greens serve up an appropriate dish.


  3. The key theme here seems to be satire at our Union flag carrying opponents. Also seems to involve dogs!! woof woof ( felt I had to participate).
    On a more serious note I worry as our opponents get media time, it has never stopped. What do we get no matter how well or loud Nicola and Patrick bark.


    1. andyfromdunning
      Re.Nicola and Patrick barking
      I cordially suggest that biting from now on
      Would be more use than barking


  4. D’Hond’t imposed by unionists, without consultation. Evans. Votes go in the bin to let 3rd losers in. The loser wins. They cannot be got rid. There would few unionists there to ruin the Parliament, the Tories do not support. Or no need for coalitions (With FPTP) A false flawed system of non democracy. Not democratic at all. A travesty. There has to be a gigantic landslide victory to come out on top and overcome the system.

    A mockery of democracy. Candidates stand for elected to an Institution they want to destroy. STV the same. Just a joke. (1&2) Multiple choices to dilute the vote. To unfairly favour unionists. Imposed without consultation on the nation. A unpopular mockery of democracy. Ruining Scotland and the world economy. Scotland outvoted 10 to 1 at Westminster. Ruining the world economy.

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  5. There are reports it is a bulwark against Alba/Salmond. Otherwise why bother? Outright majority. It could become clear when the membership information is released. SNP members are not voting on the deal. To pass monies between Parties? Greens have little funding/finances they have so little support. To stop the Greens supporting unionists?

    AWPR was held up for years by the Greens/unionists. 40 years. (Scottish Office). £Billions of Oil monies and revenues went South. They stopped the expansion of the airport masquerading as LibDems. Held up Golf Developments and other projects for years. Stopped the UTG project. (£20million) pedestrianising and regenerating the City Centre. The unionists Labour/Tory (illegal coalition) then spent (£200,000) wasted on empty shops and offices ruining the city centre. In debt for 30 years. Wasting £Million/Billions of public monies. Getting into debt. Wasters.

    The Greens complain of lack of monies for essential services. They have helped unionist parties waste it all. Total hypocrites.

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  6. Dennis Healey once likened Geoffrey Howe’s verbal attack like being ” savaged by a dead sheep !”
    Howe’s ”dead sheep” is a velociraptor in comparison to the Opposition in Holyrood who should be provided with a supply of Lollies to keep their mouths from spouting utter c*ap endlessly .

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  7. The strategy from the unionist camp has been to avoid the democratic case for independence by demonising Salmond/Sturgeon and the SNP party.
    The democratic mandate from the people of Scotland to hold an independence referendum during the lifetime of this parliament will now be seen as the multi party settled will of the Scottish people.
    The unionists are going to have to address the democratic deficit rather than deflect attention through such things as the Great British GERS fest.
    A good move,in my opinion.

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  8. Aye, the Herald QC probably flagged up his hyperbole target was not being met, so Tom dutifully obliged.

    As with a severe gumming is about the best to be expected from the “Opposition” these days.

    That’s the problem with politics, the days of slagging off the other side to score points ceased being effective (a la BBC) years ago, all they’ve done is cranked up the volume and the public applies Dolby C(rap) noise reduction.


  9. Quite so John. I saw the headline late last night “Opposition savage SNP-Green joint government deal ahead of announcement” and thought what kind of world is this that a document can be “savaged” even before the “savagers” know what is in it. Kind of reminiscent of Labour post 2007 when a London MP said the role of the SNP is to propose, our purpose to propose.
    As a disciple of critical theory this distortion worries me very much as what is presented as criticism is in many cases little more than nihilism.


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